Jump "Chico" Slamm

Faustin Maxim Moran Lenon

Also known as Chico, Jump Chico Slamm, Slamm
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Discography of Jump "Chico" Slamm:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Slamm Project 6 Audio 1993-00-00 Cajual Records
2 Galactic Alignment 2 Audio 2012-06-00 Rush Hour Recordings
3 Pyrotechnics EP 4 Audio 2012-06-01 Cyberjamz
4 The Way You Move 4 Audio 2012-12-14 Imperial Underground

Jump "Chico" Slamm (or 'Chico Slamm') is an alias of [a=Faustin Lenon], composer, writer, sound designer, producer and remixer.

In the summer of 1985, Faustin moved to Chicago to live with his father and began to understand a different form of music; living in Chicago’s South Side and subsequently being exposed to the Chicago House Sound by way of "DJ Spooky" who was also a young neighborhood DJ, Faustin became familiar with "The Dance Set" with the Chicago House style and other uptempo music selections. While watching the Best of Chicago House DJ's perform at the Pleasure Dome (Gary, Indiana), he was able to submit mix tapes as auditions for DJ spots to various Club Promoters in Chicago but was considered too young by family at age 15. Chico Slamm continued with Djing and recording his ideas however possible but mostly making Hip Hop and Dance mixed tapes.

His stay at Chicago was not long and he returned to Baltimore with a few more ideas and, now back to where he had more access to recording studios; began recording more songs and tracks which included Hip Hop, Ska, Salsoul, House and Hip House. The last part of 1985 was when Chico Slamm had delved into club promotion with Adidas night and Fila night at Odell's (Baltimore) with not enough success, teamed with Chris Beggs, Mike "DJ Quest" Felder, Big Daddy, Bo Pete Ferrari, Bo, and Dax Johnson to promote parties. Together they founded CPI productions inc. The parties turned out to be a success and led to Chico Slamm, Mike "DJ Quest" Felder and Chris Beggs getting DJ gigs with Colleges and Universities in Baltimore.

At age 16, Chico Slamm's Birthday Party marked the beginning of a night club partnership for CPI productions as the party had a very nice turnout and the venue was willing to continue renting the property on weekends hence "The Place" (31st st. Baltimore - Jan. 1986). As more DJ gigs presented for the C.P.I. DJ Trio; Chico Slamm began to introduce more of his recordings during his Mix Set and crowds responded to a few of his recordings: the best of which became "Crazy House" (unreleased), "Make You Sweat" (released 1989 CUZN) and "Batte Con" (released 1995 CLR). At Odell's in 1986, Chico Slamm took a brief interest in Light Mixing under DJ Jerome Hicks and DJ John Dukes.

"It was through Jerome Hicks that I was introduced to the set. He would let me spin from time to time which gave me the reality of rocking a well tuned Richard Long System in a big nightclub." From there on Chico Slamm began introducing some newer studio work to Jerome Hicks. It did seem like a good things could happen but at a culmination point of a history of street dealings, Chico Slamm was eventually convicted of various charges and served 3 years at a Hagerstown Prison.

While in prison Chico Slamm received his GED and completed the Electrical Wiring Apprenticeship while subscribing to Billboard Magazine and reading up on Home Studio Recording Techniques.

By the time of his release (Oct. 1989) and at age 19, Chico Slamm had plans to start a record company. Getting back into the Baltimore club scene and reorganizing with DJ Jerome Hicks and DJ Chris Beggs at Club Fantasies, Chico Slamm began recording at Baltimore’s Mainframe Recording Studios with [a=George Hagegeorge] as engineer. Then Chico Slamm founded CUZN records with the release of "Make You Sweat" (1989). Jerome Hicks and Chris Beggs introduced Chico Slamm to DJ [a=Tony Humphries] in 1990. Humphries also mixed and played ¼ inch reels of unreleased music at Club Zanzibar, on his Mix Show on 98.7 Kys and while touring.

[a=Tony Humphries] is a pioneer of dance music and Chico Slamm's first recordings signed to record companies were a result of Humphries including some of Chico Slamms recordings into his mix set. Chico Slamm, DJ Jerome Hicks and DJ Chris Beggs continued collaborating on various recording projects and periodically formed Freestyle Jam Sessions live at Club Paradox (Baltimore). The Jam Sessions combined DJ Jerome Hicks spin set accompanied by Chico Slamm’s live keyboard/drum machine performance.

Although it was not unheard of on the Dance floors as Pioneering DJ's have been known to incorporate live playing during their Mix Set; the science of combining Drum and Bass, Break Beats, unreleased recordings owned by the Slamm Productions trio and live accompaniment; inspired Chico Slamm to experiment with other Music Fusion Principals and Theories.

The explosion brought forth the creation of Chico Slamm's "Wildstyle Theory" which fused Chicago Acid, Funk, Ska, Samba, Jersey Style Dance, Chicago Style Hip House and variations of "The 6/8 rhythm counts" mostly of the Western African and South American Traditions; with offspring’s of Underground Dance Cult Hits like "Tumblin Down" (Hermann on E-legal records), "Feel Free" from the Slamm Project (Cajual), Batte Con (CLR) and "House Thing" (unreleased E-legal) which was a Baltimore Hip House cult jam performed by Labtek Won, Faze and Chico Slamm as [a=Sagat], forming the group "3 Deep". "Mainframe Recording Studios" became "Track In The Box" and eventually "The Sweatshop Studios" as [a=George Hagegeorge] expanded and as continuing recording and mix engineer; Chico Slamm‘s recordings were done at those recording studios with the exception of "High Heel Recording Studios" (Baltimore).

From 1990-1992, Chico Slamm had numerous live performances throughout the east coast between New York and South Carolina using the artist names [a=Blaksam], BlackStar and Oneson with Baltimore Dance and Choreography Pioneers Booda and Johnny "Kuumba" Jackson, Russell and Juddy and the Almighty Mickey’s. It was during the years of 1991-1993 that Chico Slamm along with Composer/Writer/Engineer/Producer/Mixer Tim Moore AKA [a=Phat Dahdee], founder of Dabrovasgroove and Glenn "DjTechnics" Brand collaborated Underground Smashes that still captivate dance floors to the present including "Fuk Dat / Funk Dat" (released under his alias [a=Sagat]) (on [l=Maxi Records]), The Tapp Project (Yeah Yeah) including Shake Dat Ass Girl, Its Your Birthday and Dikkontrol (Tapp Project 1993), Jamma Quadrant One (CLR) and the Slamm Project (Cajual).


Songwriters Artist and Producers Chico Slamm has collaborated with includes:

Tim "Phat Dahdee" Moore, Jerome Hicks, Bunny Sigler and Instant Funk, Vivian Reed, Kenny Jones E.C.Aiken (Shinehead), Bhudda Bless, Labtekwon, K.S.D. “Killin Sukkas Daily”, Gav of Boondox, Akia Braswell, Toyiah DeHostos, , The Basement Boys, David “Tapp” Colquit, Brandon “Bambu” Parker, Time’s Herald Band (Wilson Steele, Moziah Saleem, Micheal White), Richard Burton, Thomas Roberts (Boss), Big “Self” Dolo, Rashid “Bam”,Jose Clowney, Phil Frey, Maceo Price, Micheal Thomas “Dcity”, and Corey Wells.



Contributors of Digital Sound Design and Samples including kik drums, high hats, snare drum and other original samples include:

Chico Slamm, Tim “Phat Dahdee” Moore, Matt “Faze” Lopez, Omar Young (Labtekwon) and Glenn “Dj Technics” Brand.

Chico Slamm’s noted musical influences include;

War, Mandrill, Gil Scott Heron, The Last Poets, The Ohio Players, The Ojays, Curtis Mayfield, The Temptations, Ottis Redding, Roy Ayers, James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Confunkshun, Barry White, Genesis, Brass Construction, Berry Gordy, The Jackson 5, Sly & The Family Stone, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Tony Humphries, Jelly Bean Benitez, Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers, Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5, Run DMC, Jamm Master J,Dj Red Alert, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Afrika Bambaataa, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Dimension Latina, The Mighty Sparrow, El Gran Combo, Fania All Stars, The Commodores, Cheo Feliciano, Johnny Pacheco, Celia Cruz, Los Van Van, Beny More, Oscar D Leon...


Chico Slamm’s influences as a Percussionist:

Carlos “Patato” Valdez, Armando Peraza, Ray Barretto, Tito Puente, Jose Luis Quintana “Changuito” , Giovanni Hidalgo, Robertinho Silva, Nene, Luisito Quintero, Nicky Marrero, Willie Bobo, Aiyb Dieng, Mor Thiam, Jose “Chepito” Areas and Pascoal Meirelles.


Instruments Played:

Tumba, Timbales, Steel Drums, 5 set congas, 5 piece Drum kit, Piano, Xylophone, Bass Guitar and Djun Djun.


Chico Slamm has performed as a recording artist under the Artist Names of:

1. Blaksam

2. Blackstar Onesun

3. “Sagat” (abandoned due to intellectual property laws)

4. “Alias Sagat”

5. Sagatmanchu


Chico Slamm is a member in Groups:

1. Sagatmanchu (formerly known as Sagat of “Fuk Dat” and “Funk Dat”)

2. “3 Deep”

3. “Jamma Quadrant One”

4. “Latin Groove Orchestra”

5. “Negro League All Stars”

6. “The Universal Jamm Syndicate”


Company Owner/Part Ownership:

1. Founded CUZN records in 1989.

2. Co-founded Yeah Yeah records along with Tim ”Phat Dahdee” Moore (1992)

3. Founded Imperial Underground/Imperial Underground Sound Signals, IUSS (2005).

4. Chico Slamm founded Slamm Productions in 1991 but has abandoned the company name for uniqueness.


Jump “Chico” Slamm Releases:

1. Make You Sweat (Make You Wet) Cuzn Records 1989

2. Tumblin Down feat. Hermann Carter E-Legal records 1992

3. C.A.T. The Low Ride Song (remix) Cuzn Records 1992

4. Slamm Project (EP) Cajual Records 1993

5. It’s Your Birthday EP (EP) Yeah Yeah Recordings 1993

6. I Need To Go Away (All By Myself) Dj World - Id Records 1993

7. Question Why Is It? (Fuk Dat) Maxi Records 1993

8. Question Why Is It? (Funk Dat) Maxi Records 1993

9. Luvstuff Maxi Records 1994

10. My Poem Is World According To Sagat (LP) Maxi Records 1994

11. Mr. Phat Max’n Records 1994

12. The Slamm Project “Feel Free” Cajual Records 1994

13. Jamma Quadrant One “Batte Con” CLR 1995

14. Get Outta My Face Maxi Records 1995

15. Jamma Quadrant One “Summertime feat. Tapp CLR 1997

16. "Galactic Alignment" IUSSS 2010

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