Modern Man

Members of Modern Man: Buddy Hall, Gary Carolla, Jim Blazer, Joey Argiro, Mark Matteo, Sputzy Sparacino, Tal Pearsall, Tom Tornow, Tommy Bellin

Discography of Modern Man:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Rejected / Everybody Up 2 Audio 1986 Saturn Records (4)
2 The World Inside Your Eyes / The Dead Walk 2 Audio 1985 Saturn Records (4)
3 Sexcited / Island Girl 4 Audio 1985 Saturn Records (4)
4 Call The Law 5 Audio 1986 Saturn Records (4)
5 Rejected 2 Audio 1986 Saturn Records (4)
6 Sexcited / Island Girl 4 Audio 1985 Saturn Records (4)
7 Tribute To Teddy (Medley) 2 Audio 1986 Saturn Records (4)
8 The World Inside Your Eyes / The Dead Walk 2 Audio 1985 Saturn Records (4)

Modern Man was Sputzy Sparacino's popular Pittsburgh R&B/Dance/Cover band from 1984-1991 after his departure from his first popular Pittsburgh R&B/Dance/Cover band Gigolo.

Modern Man was formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania back in Mid 1983 by Buddy Hall on lead guitar and vocals. The band first started out as a trio rock band. Other members included Gary Gentile on bass and co-lead vocals and Jim Blazer on keyboards and programmed drums. The three musicians had released a few singles and "Brainstorm" was their very first album.

Later Gary Hohman, the former lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the popular Pittsburgh Rock band T-Dice would come in to join the band as the lead singer, while Tommy Bellin would come in to take Gary Gentile's place as the new bassist, and Talmadge Pearsall would come in to play keyboards and sing.

Then one year later in 1984, Sputzy Sparacino, the lead singer and guitarist of the popular R&B/Dance/Cover band Gigolo would come in to join Modern Man as their new lead singer after Gary Hohman had left. And the band would then change their genre of music this time to R&B.

They did top 40 music, some original songs, and a lot of R&B at the VIP Clubs, Confetti, The Meadows Race Track, in bars, dance halls, private events, music festivals and lots of other popular Pittsburgh area dance clubs. They even did some great Teddy Pendergrass song covers. And then one day, the band was then discovered by filmmaker and musician John Harrison (who played bass for the late Blues/Rock singer-guitarist Roy Buchanan for several years), who was doing assistant directing and composing the music for George Romero's "Day Of The Dead" (1985) horror movie soundtrack at that time. Then the band would help John out by composing the music and songs for the movie soundtrack itself. John Harrison, Sputzy Sparacino, and Jim Blazer composed the music and songs together for the movie. Talmadge Pearsall only helped John, Sputzy, and Jim compose "The World Inside Your Eyes" ("Day Of The Dead" (Love Ballad Theme)) ending theme song together for the movie. Which was one of the songs that Sputzy had sang a duet with Gospel singer Delilah to in the soundtrack.

Their music could be heard through out the whole "Day Of The Dead" soundtrack.

Then in 1988, Mark Matteo would come in to take Buddy Hall's place as the lead guitarist while the late Joey Argiro (who was also Sputzy's longtime great friend and popular bassist of his band Four Coins back in Las Vegas, Tahoe, and Reno, Nevada from 1976-1978 and Gigolo) would come in to take Tommy Bellin's place as the bassist, Gary Carolla would come in to take Jim Blazer's place as the co-keyboardist, and Tom Tornow would come in to play drums and percussions. Then they still continued playing their gigs together as the band until they finally disbanded by then in 1991. The band released two albums and they had national dance chart success.

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