Dave Van Ronk

Dave Van Ronk

Also known as D. Van Ronk, Dave, Dave Von Ronck, Van Ronk, Van-Ronk

Discography of Dave Van Ronk:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Going Back To Brooklyn 14 Audio 1991 Gazell (2)
2 Van Ronk 25 Audio 1974 Fantasy
3 ...And The Tin Pan Bended, And The Story Ended... 24 Audio 2004 Smithsonian Folkways
4 A Chrestomathy 30 Audio 1992 Gazell (2)
5 Ragtime Jug Stompers 12 Audio 2003-03-26
6 Inside Dave Van Ronk 25 Audio 1989 Fantasy
7 The Folkway Years 1959-1961 20 Audio 1991
8 No Dirty Names 13 Audio 1966-11-00 Verve Folkways
9 To All My Friends In Far-Flung Places 28 Audio 1994-12-06 Gazell (2)
10 Sunday Street 11 Audio 1999-01-26 Philo
11 Sweet & Lowdown 15 Audio 2001-06-26 Justin Time
12 The Mayor Of MacDougal Street: Rarities 1957-1969 17 Audio 2005-04-19
13 Two Sides Of Dave Van Ronk 23 Audio 2002-06-04 Fantasy
14 On Air 15 Audio 2007 Tradition & Moderne
15 Going Back To Brooklyn 14 Audio 2006-07-25 Hightone Records
16 Dave Van Ronk Sings 15 Audio 2007 Smithsonian Folkways
17 Dave Van Ronk Sings 15 Audio 1961 Folkways Records
18 Just Dave Van Ronk 10 Audio 1964-08-00 Mercury
19 Folksinger 13 Audio 1967 Prestige
20 Songs For Ageing Children 11 Audio 1973
21 Dave Van Ronk Sings Ballads, Blues & A Spiritual 14 Audio 1959 Folkways Records
22 In The Tradition 12 Audio 1963 Prestige Folklore
23 Going Back To Brooklyn 14 Audio 1985
24 Black Mountain Blues 14 Audio 1969 Transatlantic Records
25 Just Dave Van Ronk 10 Audio 1964-08-00 Mercury
26 Inside 12 Audio 1964 Stateside
27 Somebody Else, Not Me 10 Audio 1980 Philo
28 Cake Walking Babies From Home 2 Audio 1963 Prestige
29 No Dirty Names 13 Audio 1966-11-00 Verve Folkways
30 Dave Van Ronk Sings Ballads, Blues & A Spiritual 14 Audio 1959 Folkways Records
31 Folksinger 13 Audio 1967 Prestige International
32 Dave Van Ronk Sings The Blues 15 Audio 1965 Verve Folkways
33 In The Tradition 12 Audio 1972 Prestige
34 Dave Van Ronk And The Hudson Dusters 11 Audio 1967 Verve Forecast
35 Folksinger 13 Audio 1963 Prestige Folklore
36 Gambler's Blues 14 Audio 1965-11-00 Verve Folkways
37 Peter And The Wolf 8 Audio 1990 Alacazam!
38 Head Inspector / Dink's Song 2 Audio Verve Forecast
39 Ace In The Hole / If I Had To Do It All Over Again 2 Audio Prestige
40 Van Ronk 25 Audio 1972
41 Two Sides Of Dave Van Ronk 23 Audio 2002 Fantasy
42 Hummin' To Myself: Dave Van Ronk Sings The American Songbook 13 Audio 1991 Gazell (2)
43 Let No One Deceive You: Songs Of Bertolt Brecht 15 Audio 1990 Flying Fish (2)
44 Live At Sir George Williams University 13 Audio 1997-11-18 Just A Memory
45 From... Another Time & Place 12 Audio 1995 Alcazar Productions
46 Statesboro Blues 12 Audio 1998 EPM Musique
47 Down In Washington Square: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection 54 Audio 2013-10-29 Smithsonian Folkways
48 Clouds (From Both Sides Now) 2 Audio Verve Forecast
49 Bob Dylan And The New Folk Movement 25 Audio 2013 Delta Music
50 Inside 12 Audio Prestige Folklore

Born 30 June 1936, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Died 10 February 2002, New York, NY, USA

Nicknamed the Mayor of MacDougal Street, New York City native Dave Van Ronk was considered by many to be music's raconteur, troubadour and provocateur. Arriving at Washington Square Park in the mid 1950s during the folk revivalist boom, Van Ronk lived hand-to-mouth while teaching himself to play guitar and dabbling in communist political circles. By 1958, he and life-long friend, musicologist [a666121], released their first album, [l72976]'s "Skiffle in Stereo" as members of [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Orange+Blossom+Jug+Five%2C+The]The Orange Blossom Jug Five[/url]. After tireless gigging in most every cabaret in the city, followed by a job as a [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Foc%27sle+Singers%2C+The]Foc'sle Singer[/url] on [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Paul+Clayton+%282%29]Paul Clayton[/url]'s album of sea shanties, Van Ronk settled on the lower west side Manhattan, in Greenwich Village.

Referred to as “the great, grizzled, guitarist” by [a362340], Van Ronk’s music eluded classification. As a self-described ‘moldy fig’ who eschewed the term “folk artist”, Dave Van Ronk’s eclectic blend of dixieland jazz, ragtime, blues, vaudeville and other styles were often in direct conflict with the format-conscious world of the commercial music business. Reminding listeners his only constant was, "I've always been inconsistent”, his recordings followed one rule, “anything that I like and that I think I can find a handle to, I'll take a whack at. And as it has been, so shall it be."

Though more an arranger than a songwriter, Van Ronk was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers toward the end of his four plus decade career in December of 1997. After releasing five albums for Moses Asch's [l20694] label in the first half of the 1960s, including a collaboration with Dixieland revivalists [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Red+Onion+Jazz+Band%2C+The]The Red Onion Jazz Band[/url], he went on to record two albums on [l39357] in 1964, the latter with his jug band, [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Ragtime+Jug+Stompers%2C+The]The Ragtime Jug Stompers[/url]. At the close of the 1960s, Van Ronk was signed to [l30679] and released a rock album with [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Hudson+Dusters%2C+The]The Hudson Dusters[/url]. At the end of the folk boom, Van Ronk’s gravelly voice was relatively quiet, releasing an album for [l1610] in 1972, another the following year on [l31486], then landing on the [l30531] roster in 1976. By the early 1980s, Van Ronk was recording several one-off projects with assorted independent folk labels, including a handful for [a666121]' New England-based [url=http://www.discogs.com/label/Gazell+%282%29]Gazell[/url] imprint. Joint ventures with [a1237867] and [a1088718] followed in the 1990s.

Refusing to fly and unable to drive, Van Ronk continued performing live right up to his death from complications following colon cancer surgery in Winter 2002. His auto-biography, written with [a1914189], and live album, "[r=2415301]", which was recorded at the end of his life, were both posthumously released. In the early Summer of 2004, the City of New York commemorated it’s unofficial mayor’s passing by permanently renaming the eastern side of Sheridan Square on Washington Place as Dave Van Ronk Street.

Throughout his life, MacDougal Street’s mayor served as a mentor to countless up-and-coming artists that migrated to New York. [a59792], who met Van Ronk upon his arrival from the Midwest, remembers him as "Greenwich Village’s king of the street" where "he reigned supreme." Singer-songwriters such as [a406171], [a90233] and [a41182] have all sung his praises as a teacher and a friend. Dave Van Ronk’s younger, west coast contemporary, [a82294], paid homage when stating, "In the engine room of the New York Folk Scene shoveling coal into the furnace, one Big Man rules; Dog-faced roustabout songster, bluesman Dave Van Ronk. Long may he howl."

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