John Biancale

John Michael Biancale

Also known as Biancale, J. Biancale, J. M. Biancale, J.Biancale, J.M. Biancale, Jma, Johnny B, Johnny B.

Discography of John Biancale:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Feelin' Alright 3 Audio 2002 Do It Yourself Entertainment
2 Inside My Heart 4 Audio 2000 Dance Factory (2)
3 Up & Down 6 Audio 2009-06-30 Do It Yourself Entertainment
4 Billie Jean 4 Audio 2009-04-30 Do It Yourself Entertainment
5 Inside My Heart 4 Audio 1999 HQ
6 The Colour Inside 2 Audio 2010 Stop And Go
7 The Colour Inside 2 Audio 2010 Stop And Go
8 Bailando Tango 3 Audio 2003 BMG Ricordi S.p.A.
9 Inside My Heart 4 Audio 1999
10 Without You 4 Audio 2001 Major Records (5)
11 Without You 4 Audio Major Records (5)
12 I'll Give You My Heart 4 Audio 2005 Six Of Us

John Biancale, alias GANS, was born in Canada, first child of Italians immigrated to Toronto.

After several years of experiences in acting, singing and songwriting, GANS decides, with his enormous love of music, his incredible voice and a backpack, to enlarge his frontiers, starting to travel around the world and to attempt to new artistic experiences that could (and not just professionally!) enrich him!

After many performances in night clubs in Paris, discos in Greece and beach clubs in Costa Rica, GANS finally arrived to Italy.

One night, while performing at a club in Milan, he captures some producers interest with whom he starts to collaborate on some fabulous songs, such as “Join the party”, a very warm wrapping song, thank to his incredible charming interpretation.

GANS could be defined a real “Live performing lover”, being always untiring and full of energy while singing and dancing on the stage and deeply feeling all the emotional side of each song he performs.

Dutiful to mention other 2 songs he has performed and that has had a lot of success: “Remember me”, a track included in the TRAP project, and "Boys and Girls" with the group "SOUVENIR D'ITALIE".

He also has performed all [a=Billy More] singles.

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