Benny Goodman And His Orchestra

Also known as A Orquestra Original de Benny Goodman, オリジナル・サウンドトラック, B. Goodman & His Orchestra, B. Goodman And His Orch., B. Goodman Orchestra, Band, Band, The, Benny Goodman, Benny Goodman & His Groups Orchestra, Benny Goodman & His Orch., Benny Goodman & His Orchestra, Benny Goodman & Orch., Benny Goodman & Orchester, Benny Goodman & Orchestra, Benny Goodman And His Band, Benny Goodman And His Music Hall Orchestra, Benny Goodman And His Orch, Benny Goodman And His Orch., Benny Goodman And His Orchestra Play Rodgers & Hammerstein II, Benny Goodman And His Original Orchestra, Benny Goodman And Orchestra, Benny Goodman And The Giants Of Swing, Benny Goodman Band, Benny Goodman E La Sua Orchestra, Benny Goodman Et Son Orchestre, Benny Goodman I Njegov Orkestar, Benny Goodman Mit Seinem Orchester, Benny Goodman Orch., Benny Goodman Orchestra, Benny Goodman Orchestra, The, Benny Goodman Orchestra, The,, Benny Goodman Se Svým Orchestrem, Benny Goodman U. S. Orchester, Benny Goodman Und Sein Orchester, Benny Goodman With His Orchestra, Benny Goodman Y Su Orquesta, Benny Goodman Y Su Orquestra, Benny Goodman's Orchestra, Benny Goodman, His Orchestra, Benny Goodman, His Orchestra And His Combos, Benny Goodmani Orkester, Benny Goodmann Orchestra, Бенни Гудмен И Его Оркестр, Орк. под упр. Бенни Гудмана, Оркестр Под Управлением Бенни Гудмена, Оркестром, His Orchestra, Members Of The Benny Goodman Orchestra, Orch. Benny Goodman, Orchester Benny Goodman, Orchestra, Orchestra Benny Goodman, Orchestra, The
Members of Benny Goodman And His Orchestra: Al Block, Al Davis (2), Al De Risi, Al Klink, Alec Fila, Allan Reuss, Arnold Covey, Art Karle, Arthur Rollini, Artie Baker, Artie Bernstein, Arvell Shaw, Babe Russin, Ben Heller, Benny Goodman, Bill Depew, Bill Shine, Billy Bauer, Billy Hodges, Bob Snyder, Buck Clayton, Bud Freeman, Buddy Schutz, Buff Estes, Bunny Berigan, Bus Bassey, Charles Griffin, Charlie Christian, Charlie Teagarden, Chauncey Welsch, Chris Griffin (3), Clint Neagley, Conrad Gozzo, Cutty Cutshall, Dave Matthews (2), Dave Tough, Derek Smith, Dick Clark, Dick McDonough, Don Lamond, Eddie Aulino, Ermet Perry, Ernie Mauro, Ethel Ennis, Frank Beecher, Frank Froeba, Frank Le Pinto, Gene Allen, Gene Kinsey, Gene Krupa, George Berg, George Duvivier, George Koenig, George Van Eps, Georgie Auld, Gus Bivona, Harry Geller, Harry Goodman, Harry Jaeger, Harry James (2), Harry Sheppard, Herb Geller, Howard Collins, Hymie Schertzer, Irving Goodman, Jack Henderson, Jack Lacey, Jack Raines, Jack Teagarden, Jerry Dodgion, Jerry Jerome, Jerry Neary, Jess Stacy, Jimmy Maxwell, Joe Harris (2), Joe Sullivan, John Frosk, John McLevy, John Murtaugh, Johnny Martel, Jon Walton, Larry Breen, Lars Erstrand, Les Robinson, Manny Klein, Mike Bryan, Milt Yaner, Murray McEachern, Nate Kazebier, Nick Travis, Noni Bernardi, Pee Wee Erwin, Peggy Lee, Pete Mondello, Ralph Muzillo, Red Ballard, Red Gingler, Rex Peer, Roland Hanna, Roy Burnes, Seldon Powell, Shirley Clay, Sid Weiss, Sonny Russo, Stan Getz, Taft Jordan, Ted Vesely, Tom Morgan (5), Tommy Newsom, Toots Mondello, Urbie Green, Vernon Brown, Vido Musso, Vince Badale, Wardell Gray, William Slapin, Willie Dennis, Zeke Zarchy, Ziggy Elman, Zoot Sims

Discography of Benny Goodman And His Orchestra:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Sing, Sing, Sing 21 Audio
2 Solo Flight 16 Audio 1973 CBS
3 Farewell Blues / Bach Goes To Town 2 Audio RCA
4 The Golden Age Of Benny Goodman 4 Audio 1958 RCA
5 B.G. In Hi Fi (Part 3) 4 Audio 1955 Capitol Records
6 Sing, Sing, Sing 2 Audio RCA Victor
7 This Is Benny Goodman And His Orchestra 12 Audio 1956 RCA Victor
8 Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) 2 Audio Columbia Masterworks
9 Let The Door Knob Hitcha 2 Audio Columbia
10 Emmaline 16 Audio 2005 Weton-Wesgram
11 Bumble Bee Stump 4 Audio RCA
12 The Golden Age Of Benny Goodman 11 Audio 1956 RCA Victor
13 Benny Goodman Today 19 Audio London Records
14 The Benny Goodman Story, Volume 1, Part 2 4 Audio 1956-02-00 Brunswick
15 King Porter-Fox Trot 2 Audio 1935 Victor
16 Spring Song / Honeysuckle Rose 2 Audio 1939 Columbia
17 Gotta Be This Or That 2 Audio 1945 Columbia
18 Let's Dance / Boy Meets Horn 2 Audio 1939 Columbia
19 Time On My Hands / Scarecrow 2 Audio 1941 Columbia
20 Caprice XXIV Paganini / I'm Here 2 Audio 1941 Columbia
21 Sugar Foot Stomp / Riffin' At The Ritz 2 Audio RCA Victor
22 Crazy Rhythm / All The Cats Join In 2 Audio Columbia
23 Stompin' At The Savoy 3 Audio 1976 RCA Victor
24 The Benny Goodman Story Vol. 1 12 Audio 1955 Decca
25 1937/38 Jazz Concert No. 2 Vol. 1 17 Audio 1950 Columbia Masterworks
26 Solo Flight 16 Audio 1972 CBS
27 1937-38 Jazz Concert No. 2 37 Audio 1952 Columbia Masterworks
28 Swing With Benny Goodman And His Orchestra 10 Audio Pacific Records (7)
29 The Earl / Dark Town Strutters Ball / Swanee River / Dipsy Doodle 4 Audio V Disc
30 Mission To Moscow 2 Audio 1959 Chess
31 Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It / My Blue Heaven 4 Audio 1946 Columbia
32 Swing With Benny Goodman And His Orchestra 10 Audio 1985 CBS
33 Bumble Bee Stump 4 Audio
34 Benny Goodman In Moscow 18 Audio 1962 RCA Victor
35 The Benny Goodman Story 9 Audio 1958
36 Sing, Sing, Sing 2 Audio 1953 Columbia Masterworks
37 The Golden Age Of Benny Goodman 11 Audio 1956 RCA Victor
38 The Great Benny Goodman 11 Audio 1956
39 On The Alamo / Rattle And Roll 2 Audio 1945 Columbia
40 I've Found A New Baby / Swingtime In The Rockies 2 Audio 1936 Victor
41 Solo Flight / The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise 2 Audio 1941 Columbia
42 Lonely Moments / Whistle Blues 2 Audio 1947 Capitol Records
43 All The Cats Join In / Don't Be A Baby, Baby 2 Audio 1946 Columbia
44 And The Angels Sing / Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come Today 2 Audio 1939 Victor
45 Don't Be That Way 2 Audio 1938 Victor
46 Benny Goodman And His Orchestra 4 Audio RCA Victor
47 Fascinating Rhythm 11 Audio 1980
48 The Benny Goodman Story EP 4 Audio 1957-06-00 Brunswick
49 1943 Victory Parade Of Spotlight Bands Broadcasts 12 Audio 1979 Fanfare Records (3)
50 Die Benny Goodman Story 4 Audio Brunswick

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