Jeff Johnson

Also known as Johnson, Seff Sohnson
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# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Born Of Water 7 Audio 1987 Ark Records (2)
2 Under The Wonder Sky 11 Audio 2010 Ark Records (2)
3 Prayers Of St. Brendan: The Journey Home 11 Audio 1998-08-18 Hearts Of Space Records
4 The Katurran Odyssey 11 Audio 2004-08-24 Hearts Of Space Records
5 Please Forgive Us Lord 14 Audio 1978 Ark Records (2)
6 Fallen Splendor 11 Audio 1986 Ark Records (2)
7 Icons 10 Audio 1984 Ark Records (2)
8 Shadow Play 10 Audio 1983 Ark Records (2)
9 The Face Of The Deep 11 Audio 1980 Ark Records (2)
10 Through The Door 10 Audio 1982 Ark Records (2)
11 The Anvil Of God's Word 12 Audio 1977 Ark Records (2)
12 Shadow Play 10 Audio 1983 Pila Music
13 Music Of Celtic Legends - The Bard & The Warrior 11 Audio 1997 Windham Hill Records
14 Psalmus 12 Audio 1996 R.E.X. Music
15 No Shadow Of Turning 11 Audio 1987
16 Frio Suite 8 Audio 2009 Ark Music

New age - jazz - contemporary christian music producer - composer - label owner

Born in 1956, based in Camano Island, WA. Owns [l=Ark Records (2)]

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[b][a=Jeffery Lee Johnson, Jr.][/b]: Hip hop rapper - songwriter, a.k.a. [a=Roscoe Dash]

[b][a=Jeffrey Johnson][/b]: Classical music singer - educator - voice instructor - theatre artist - chant practitioner

[b][a=Jeffrey Johnson (2)][/b]: Electronic music songwriter - producer a.k.a. [a=OK Vancouver OK] active since the late 00's

[b][a=Jeffrey Johnson (3)][/b]: Late guitarist - singer - songwriter - engineer from Wisconsin with A.O.Rockers [a=Another Carnival], active in the late 80's - early 90's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (2)][/b]: U.S. singer - songwriter - producer, close associate of [a=Chris Cox]

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (3)][/b]: Guitarist with [a=Midnight Call], active in the mid 90's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (4)][/b]: Bassist with [a=Jason & The Scorchers], active since the early 80's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (5)][/b]: Engineer based in Kansas, U.S., active in the late 80's - early 90's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (6)][/b]: Drummer with the punk rockers [a=O Pioneers!!!] active in the late 00's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (7)][/b]: Musician - songwriter with the [b]Opera Beggars[/b] along with [a=Caleb Lindskoog], active in the 90's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (8)][/b]: Jazz bassist from Minnesota

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (9)][/b]: Saxophonist with post-punks [a=Corpus Delicti (3)], active in the mid 80's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (10)][/b]: Producer at [l=Intrada] label, in movie soundtrack releases, active in the 90's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (11)][/b]: Guitarist - bassist - songwriter with avant garde group [a=Teenage Boatpeople]

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (12)][/b]: Visual artist credited for releases in 1996 and 2005

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (13)][/b]: Guitarist with reggae band [a=Lion Dub Station], active in the 90's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (14)][/b]: Bassist with [a=Chooglin'], active in the second half of 00's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (15)][/b]: Rapper - marketer - dj a.k.a. [b]Jef Jon Sin[/b], formerly known as [b]Southpaw Outlaw[/b]

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (16)][/b]: Bassist with [a=Bottle Of Justus], active in the mid 00's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (17)][/b]: Guitarist - singer with the hard rockers [a=Blitzkrieg (16)], active in the mid 80's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (18)][/b]: Bassist with the 60's garage rockers [a=Fifth Order, The]

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (19)][/b]: Guitatist - singer with the punk rockers [a=Red Hot Valentines, The] active in the early 00's

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (20)][/b]: Producer - engineer credited for a [a=Hopple & Friends] release of 2012

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (21)][/b]: Viola player credited for a 1987 release of musical [b]"Little Boy Goes To Hell"[/b]

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (22)][/b]: Guitarist with punk groups [a=Dog Shredder] and [a=Wild Throne], since 2011

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (23)][/b]: Singer - songwriter - producer credited for production in a 2008 release of [a=Jet Black Stare]

[b][a=Jeff Johnson (24)][/b]: Engineer in [a=Musicreations], San Diego, California, active in the 70's - early 80's

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