Rita Chao


Also known as Rita

Discography of Rita Chao:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 I'm Into Something Good 明天會帶來新希望 4 Audio 1967 Columbia
2 The Boy Next Door 隔壁的冤家 4 Audio 1967 Columbia
3 Hanky Panky 4 Audio 1967 Columbia
4 Wooly Bully 我不能沒有你 4 Audio 1966 Columbia
5 Koo Koo Looney 咕咕露妮 4 Audio 1968 Columbia
6 Obladi Oblada 我的冤家 4 Audio 1969 Columbia
7 Yummy, Yummy, Yummy 痴戀 4 Audio 1968 Columbia
8 Shake, Shake, Shake 搖搖搖 4 Audio 1966 Columbia
9 Four Wishes 四個願望 4 Audio 1972 Angel Records
10 Cherry Blossom 新桃花江 3 Audio 1968 Columbia
11 Pretty Little Baby 真心愛你 4 Audio 1969 Era
12 Rita Chao / Rosa Fang 4 Audio 1966 Glycos
13 Talk Of The Town 家喻戶曉 12 Audio 1968 Columbia
14 Hitmakers 11 Audio 1967 Columbia
15 Rita Chao 12 Audio 1967 Columbia
16 Rita Chao 12 Audio 1968 Columbia
17 永遠火辣辣 12 Audio 1970 Columbia
18 Obladi Oblada 4 Audio 1969 Anchor
19 Cu Cu Cu Choo 4 Audio 1970 Columbia
20 Hitmakers 4 Audio 1968 Cat Brand
21 Rita Chao Accompanied By The Quests 4 Audio 1966 Tien Sen Record
22 Rita Chao Accompanied By The Quests 4 Audio 1966 Snake Brand
23 Rita Chao Accompanied By The Quests 4 Audio 1966 Mei Mei Record
24 Yummy, Yummy, Yummy 4 Audio 1968 King (8)

Rita Chao sang many wonderful and stylied Mandarin covers of popular English songs. Her first recording was an SP “Shake, shake, shake” with “Happy, happy, birthday” on the B-side. She was paired with the top guitar band from Singapore, The Quests. It was instant stardom. Rita Chao with The Quests made many great records together. When The Quests went to Hong Kong, Rita recorded with the “other” best band, The Surfers, and continued to be popular and very successful.

Rita Chao with The Quests: Shake, shake, shake, Happy, happy, birhday, Wolly bully, As tears go by, Let true love begin, The boy next door, Pretty flamingo, It’s gonna be alright, I know, Hanky panky, 16 candles, Frankie, I’m into something good, How to catch a girl, Love is me, love is you, Crying in a storm, I’m a tiger, Koo koo looney, Lonely one, To love somebody.

Rita Chao with The Surfers: Yummy, yummy, Donna, Master Jack, I’ve gotta find cupid.

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