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Discography of DJ Duct:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Bindweed 18 Audio 2007 Libyus Music
2 Embodied? E.P. 5 Audio 2005 Thinkrec
3 Bind E.P. 5 Audio 2006 Libyus Music
4 Backyard Edit Pt.2 5 Audio 2010 Thinkrec
5 Broken Research Vol. 2 4 Audio 2010-04-06 Motech
6 Bind Breaks 2 Audio 2007 Face The Music Records
7 Backyard Edit Pt.3 5 Audio 2010 Thinkrec
8 Backyard Edit Pt.4 - Detroit Session 8 Audio 2011 Thinkrec
9 Backyard Edit Pt.6: Detroit Re-Session EP 5 Audio 2011 Thinkrec
10 Backyard Edit Pt.5: One Turntable Live Mix "Today : Tomorrow" 2 Audio 2011-09-14 Thinkrec
11 Introduction To DJ Duct Pt.2 24 Audio 2006 Lesson Breed Records
12 Loop Segundo / Feel More 2 Audio 2010-01-22 Not Null Not Full
13 Backyard Garden Party Mix 31 Audio 2009-01-01 NOT NULL NOT FULL
14 Monkey's First 10 Audio 2005-02-04 Thinkrec
15 Live 3 Audio 2011 rar (4)

DJ DUCT is known as an one-of-a-kind turntablist and a producer in Japan.

He has been actively participating in Tokyo’s hip hop and break beats scene as a DJ since late 90s.

It was the time when the term ‘turntablism’ was first introduced, and the art of spinning records progressed so dramatically in the hip hop world onto another level.

As he witnessed such advancement, and immersed himself deeper and deeper into the art, he began to wonder if he could develop a completely new way of DJing using just one turntable, instead of two or more that all the other turntablists at the time were using.

He wanted to be different, and he wanted to be good.

DJ DUCT’s ‘less is more’ approach to turntablism have led him to establish his current unique style of performing.

Using one turntable, a DJ mixer, a sampler, Kaoss-pads and other effectors, he collages and reconstructs the bits and pieces of sounds he captures from the records on the spot.

It involves a lot of sampling, real-time editing, effect mixing and scratching all taking place on stage. Since all the sounds come from the records (and no preliminary recorded materials on the sampler), it’s definitely a live performance, and an extension of DJing more than anything else.

He soon took his special skills to the studio, and proven himself to become an acclaimed beat maker in the country.

He has released his first full length album Monkey’s Fist from his own imprint “THINKREC.” in 2005, and the second full length Bindweed from an independent record label “Libyus Music” in 2007, as well as numerous remixes and DJ mixes.

He is experienced in working with MCs and other collaborators from both inside and outside of Japan including J-Live, Fat Jon (Five Deez) and Mike Ladd.

In 2012, he is up and ready to introduce his music to the world.


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