The Schock Treatment

Also known as T.S.T, T.S.T.
Members of TST: Nandor Hegedüs

Discography of TST:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 No Teenage Future 10 Audio 1982 Modernes Pop Records
2 T.S.T 18 Audio 1983 River Records (4)
3 Sweden 8 Audio 1984 River Records (4)

[a=TST] was formed 1977 in Västerås by [a1569933], [a1569934] (Zäba) and [a990429] (Nalle), but then named Panic and later on The Rats (Rots?). The name [a=TST] (The Schock Treatment) came from [a=Ramones] 2nd LP and the song "Gimme schock treatment". The band played a lot at Bryggis in their hometown Västerås before the first 7" came out ([r=2711703]), then followed a numerous of gigs around in Sweden. Then came out the [r=1928471] 12" and [a=TST] took part in an live recording for national radio P3’s show Ny Våg (New Wave), it resulted in an LP which to put it briefly was called [r=1928502]. By this time a new drummer had replaced [a=Karri] for the recording of the album, then followed another Maxi ([r=1928515] 12"), the band then changed members in a couple of rounds before the last LP came in '85 ([b]All Throught The Nights[/b] LP), where [a=Karri] had come back as drummer. After approximately 2 years [a=TST] departed and was reformed to [b]Grim Jacks[/b], to eventually form [b]Dynamite Wasteland[/b] by [a=Jarmo].

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