True Endless, The

Also known as Endless
Members of True Endless, The: Astraghon, Marco DeRosa, Mayhem (34), Soulfucker
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Discography of True Endless, The:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 United In Hell 9 Audio 2009-03-00 Aphelion Productions
2 United In Hell 9 Audio 2009-03-00 Mass Catharsis Production
3 1888 From Hell 15 Audio 2008 Aphelion Productions
4 Wings Of Wrath 9 Audio 2007 Aphelion Productions
5 An Year In Black 9 Audio 2009-07-01 Nekrogoat Heresy Productions
6 Suicide Journey 9 Audio 2009-11-01 Nekrogoat Heresy Productions
7 In The Swamp 3 Audio 2010-04-00 God Is Myth Records
8 Too Heavy For Hell 11 Audio 2010-10-00 Aphelion Productions
9 Wings Of Wrath 8 Audio 2001 Huginn
10 Rape Their Souls With Black Metal Wrath 12 Audio 2011-08-16 Slava Productions (2)
11 Taurus Live Ritual 7 Audio 2010 Join This Order
12 A Climb To Eternity 8 Audio 2005 Aphelion Productions
13 Live At Hellblast Festival 9 Audio 2003 Frozen Creations
14 Unholy Virtues / The Dirty Raw Experience 6 Audio 2006 Bestial Burst
15 Live In The Castle 5 Audio 1999 Not On Label
16 Black Souls Rebellion 14 Audio 2011-05-00 Der Neue Weg
17 Unholy Art 8 Audio 2001 Salem 1692 Productions
18 The Unholy Massacre E. P. 13 Audio 2002 Ordo Obscuri Domini
19 Legacy Of Hate 7 Audio 2013-05-16 Aphelion Productions
20 A Climb To Eternity 16 Audio 2008 War Flagellation Productions
21 The Trendkiller E.P. + Live In The Castle 16 Audio 2001 Chanteloup Creations

The True Endless from Novara, Piedmont, Italy, was created in winter 1997 by Soulfucker and M. The band started from the very beginning to release demos, rehearsals and split tapes, some self produced, others not.

In 2001 The True Endless started the collaboration with the Scottish extreme label [l=Aphelion Productions]; this collaboration gave birth to releases like the split with [a=Goat Horns] (UK), "Wings Of Wrath", “A Climb To Eternity”, "Buried By Time And Dust", the split with [a=Tundra (2)] (Ita), [a=Inferno (2)] (Cz Rep) and [a=Sekhmet] (Cz Rep), "1888 From Hell", and the split with [a=Mephisto (13)] (Ita).

Free from the artistic point of view and being overactive The True Endless collaborated with other labels too, creating some more tracks for MCD's, splits, rehearsals etc, with many different labels from all over the world: The 4-way split with [a=Blodulv] (Swe), [a=Malignance] (Ita) and [a=Sigma Draconis] (Ita) by [l=Nocturnal Brights Productions] (Ita), the split with [a=Angmar] (Fin) by [l=Bestial Burst Records] (Fin), the split with Lycanthropy (Rus), [a=Bane (14)] (Ser), Warfiled (Mex) and [a=Ancient Reign] (Can) by [l=Der Neue Weg] (Ger), the split with [a=Aquer] by [l=Necromancer Records] (Ger), the split with [a=Mephisto (13)] by Vomitum Niger Productions (Ita). [l=Slava Productions] (Thai) released the tape edition of "Wings Of Wrath" and "Rape Their Souls With Black Metal Wrath" split with [a=Gromm] (Ukr) and [a=Evil Wrath] (Can); [l=Nekrogoat Heresy Productions] - [l=War Flagellation Productions] gave birth to the tape editions of "A Climb To Eternity" and "1888 From Hell" and the CD's "An Year In Black" and "Suicide Journey", [l=God Is Myth Records] released "In The Swamp" a limited edition 3" MCD about the H.P.Lovecraft novel "Polaris". The same MCD re-released by [l=Aphelion Production] with a couple of bonus tracks.

The live aspect have always been very important for the band, The True Endless shared the stage with bands like [a=Marduk], [a=Deicide], [a=Vader], [a=Taake], [a=Helheim], [a=Besatt], [a=Morrigan], [a=Vesna (5)], [a=Mortuary Drape], [a=Opera IX], [a=Novembre], [a=Handful Of Hate], [a=Frostmoon Eclipse], [a=Skyforger], [a=Gosforth], [a=Dismember], Sekhmet Diagon, Trautenauer 666, [a=Vexed (2)], [a=Adversam], [a=Natassievila], [a=Unctoris], [a=Winterdemons] and many more through the years, playing most of the gigs in Italy, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

Current line-up:

M. - guitar, vocals

Veleno - guitars

Soulfucker - bass

Mayhem - drums

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