Members of viktim: David Gunn, Eddie Threat, Korey Edwards
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# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 As Love Turns Grey 5 Audio 2010-01-22 Dark Asylum


Experimental Electronic Rock band formed in 1996 in Audubon, New Jersey by Art Institute of Philadelphia Student [b]Ed "Eddie Threat" Klum[/b]. Original demo recordings had the band in a tape loop based experimental electronic format, creating noise, loops, and rhythmic pulses all via Teac Analaog Tape machines. Later recordings moved more towards a cold-wave, guitar oriented industrial rock band, similar to bands of the day such as Chemlab, Ministry, Bile, Sister Machine Gun, Godlesh, and Pitchshifter. After releasing numerous demo tapes from 1996 - 2001 work was begun upon what was to be the first legitimate demo EP " As Love Turns Grey ". Nick Storey from punk band Politically Challenged, and Bovver96 joined as studio bassist, along with Dan Roberts from death metal band Insatanity as lead guitarist, with Eddie programming drums, synths and writing the material. Promo copies of the EP were circulated and live shows were offered, necessitating the formation of a Viktim live line up. Longtime collaborator Scotty Emerle joined as live drummer performing on a Roland E-Drum Set, along with Nick Storey on Bass, and Chris Emerle on live guitar. An unmastered ep entitled " Cyberlust" was used in 2004 to gain live shows, and songs from that EP were performed live during this period, along with a cover of The Cure song " A Forest " which from DJ circulation was getting national play at goth and industrial clubs around the country and internationally.

The first few shows were performed and guitarists rotated out until William Cannon from the punk band The Woodsmen joined on guitar, which settled the live line up for the next five years. After that period the band went on a brief hiatus as Eddie joined EBM group MyParasites as keyboard player for a national tour with Angelspit and Cyanotic, along with numerous local dates headlining and support. After this Mike Pallante, who also played keyboards in MyParasites began collaborating with Eddie Threat on a newly re-energized version of viktim. Reaching out Scotty (drums), Nick (bass), Will (guitars), Eddie (vocals,samples) and now Mike Pallante on guitar viktim began rehearsing, performing new shows, and released a newly updated version of As Love Turns Grey on the Dark Asylum Records label in 2010, this quickly sold out from regional live performances.

Typical since the formation of the band, while rehearsing the ' written ' songs, the band explored ideas, and recorded a great deal of noise-rock reminiscent of NYC bands like CopShootCop, Foetus, and also of Chicago band Big Black. A live keyboard player was added at this time, Josh Montola of experimental electronic project Feral Hymn. A number of rehersal demos were recorded, along with an un-released more modern version of the song "Snowblind" from the 2003 Demo, this was in 2012. This was the first recorded song to completely abandon vocal effects such as distortion or strange inflections.

iN 2013 a demo version of a song entitled " Kitten in a Cage " was released onto youtube, featuring Eddie Threat, with notations it was a video journal, and showed how the band would be progressing with tracks being sent to Neil Lotek who was living in Maryland, while the rest of Viktim resided in New Jersey.

in 2014 a noiserock song entitled " Loaded Cannon Second Refrain " was released on the Dipsomaniac Records album entitled " TwentyFour Hours" - and showed the band in a raw, pure unsettling and aggressive light.

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