Kabale Und Liebe

Liron van Daalen

Also known as Kabale, Kabale & Liebe, Kabale Und
This performer (group) in the Internet: http://www.kabaleundliebe.nl/, http://www.myspace.com/kabaleundliebe

Discography of Kabale Und Liebe:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Cycling Through Red Light 4 Audio 2006-01-15 Archipel
2 Le' Chaim! E.P. 4 Audio 2006-11-28 Meerestief Records
3 Mumbling Yeah 3 Audio 2007-10-01 Area Remote
4 Makake 2 Audio 2008-03-24 Remote Area
5 Miami Nice / Flodder 2 Audio 2008 100% Pure
6 Miami Nice / Flodder 2 Audio 2008-07-00 100% Pure
7 Makake 2 Audio 2008-04-00 Remote Area
8 Mumbling Yeah Remixes 2 Audio 2008-01-14 Remote Area
9 Childs Play / Disko Bzrk 2 Audio 2008-12-03 100% Pure
10 Hotpants / Una Y Nada 2 Audio 2009-08-00 100% Pure
11 Since You Looked Into My Eyes 2 Audio 2010-06-16 Remote Area
12 Since You Looked Into My Eyes 3 Audio 2010-06-28 Remote Area
13 Hotpants / Una Y Nada 3 Audio 2009-07-28 100% Pure
14 Mumbling Yeah Remixes 2 Audio 2008-02-04 Remote Area
15 Makake 2 Audio 2008-04-07 Remote Area
16 Childs Play 2 Audio 2008-12-16 100% Pure
17 Mumbling Yeah 3 Audio 2007-12-13 Area Remote
18 Hiphouse 2 Audio 2012-04-04 Rejected (3)
19 Hiphouse 4 Audio 2012-04-09 Rejected (3)

Liron starts DJ'ing in 1995 at the age of 12. And soon after a few sets he starts making a name for himself in his hometown Breda.

At the age of 18 he moves to Amsterdam and starts working on his DJ carriere to make his sound be heard across the country. In 2002 he starts spending more and more time on producing. This is paused for a year when he leaves Holland for a year of travelling around Australia and Asia. He continues deejaying overseas and plays at several clubs and parties in Australia and even manages to play at the famous Full Moon Party in Koh Pagnan, Thailand. During his travels his sound turns more minimal and can be described as bold, abstract, minimal house and -techno.

When Liron returns from his inspirational trip, he totally commits himself to producing. For this he comes up with the alias Kabale und Liebe, after a German literature book of Friedrich Schiller.

Kabale und Liebe’s live-act is a very dynamic, dancefloor focused mixture of abstract minimal techno beats and housey rythmes added with playful bleeps and deep basslines.

His DJ-sets are a mixture bold house music and sexy techno, connected by the warm and driving red line throughout his sets

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