Josh McInnes

Also known as JKZ
This performer (group) in the Internet: http://www.myspace.com/jakazidmusic, http://soundcloud.com/jakazid

Discography of JAKAZiD:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Outstanding 3 Audio 2006-01-21 Aural Adrenaline Digital
2 Talk To Me 3 Audio 2006-01-21 Aural Adrenaline Digital
3 Citrus Speed 3 Audio 2006-01-21 Aural Adrenaline Digital
4 Evolutionary Musical Rush 3 Audio 2006-01-21 Aural Adrenaline Digital
5 Back To Fruity Island (2004 Mix) 3 Audio 2006-01-21 Aural Adrenaline Digital
6 Wicked Plastic 3 Audio 2006-05-12 Aural Adrenaline Digital
7 Cillit Bang 3 Audio 2007-01-22 Nukleuz
8 Cillit Bang 4 Audio 2007-01-22 Nukleuz
9 Cillit Bang 8 Audio 2006-10-17 Nukleuz
10 Find Me (Odyssey To Anyoona) 3 Audio 2008-03-10 Nukleuz
11 Cillit Bang 4 Audio 2007-01-08 Nukleuz
12 JAKAZiD Remix EP #1 4 Audio 2008-05-05 Nukleuz
13 Cillit Bang 3 Audio Nukleuz
14 Josh Hour 2 15 Audio 2008-05-25 Aural Adrenaline
15 JAKAZiD EP 2 3 Audio 2008-12-08 Nukleuz
16 Cillit Bang 4 Audio 2006-12-19 Nukleuz
17 Hardcore EP20 3 Audio 2009-09-28 Nukleuz
18 Josh Hour 3.1415926535897932384626 3 Audio 2010-05-14 Aural Adrenaline
19 Cillit Bang 3 Audio 2007 Nukleuz
20 Cillit Bang 5 Audio 2007 Nukleuz
21 Cillit Bang 6 Audio 2007 Nukleuz
22 JAKAZiD ✕ TANUKI EP 3 Audio 2012-04-27 Aural Adrenaline
23 Dumbepthatjakazidcompiled 18 Audio 2012-07-10 Not On Label
24 Need U More /Remixes/ 4 Audio 2013-05-03 Aural Adrenaline

Josh began producing happy hardcore in his bedroom in Portsmouth around 2000, yet his big break came from his infamous video remix of the television commercial for Cillit Bang featuring fictional character [a=Barry Scott], which was signed and released by [l=Nukleuz] Records at the beginning of 2007. "[r=807185]" had mixed repercussions. Whilst catapulting Josh's artist name fully into the limelight, it also took some time for people to look past the novelty of his debut major release and acknowledge him as a serious musician and producer.

Outside of UK hardcore, Josh's interest in the Japanese "J-Core" scene has led him to make notable appearances on underground hardcore and doujin releases in Japan under the Joshka moniker, as well as collaborating with producers [a=Buzzmasta], [a=M-Project] and [a=DJ Shimamura], and engineering for J-pop bootlegger [a=M-Neko].

Since the summer of 2007, JAKAZiD has been working as an in-house engineer for Nukleuz Records and has recently engineered a bulk of the recent tracks and remixes from [a=HNK], [a=King Ace], [a=Nukleuz Kollective], [a=Filthy Louca], [a=Love Assassins] and [a=Chris MiMo Jones].

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