Deadsilence Syndicate Band, The

Also known as Deadsilence Syndicate
Members of Deadsilence Syndicate Band, The: Judge Mental, Krude, Reverend Hekate, The, Simon Brown (4)
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# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Suicide Bomber / Berzerker 2 Audio 2006-03-00 SMB Records
2 100 Gig Hard Drive EP 4 Audio 2010-06-00 Deadsilence

[b]In The Beginning[/b]

Two punks, Three dj's and a laid back bass scientist meander through the 1990's ears open to the ever changing audio that fills their soul spoilt city. Confused by genres, pigeon holes and evolving formats they seek more than the local sound system or night clubs can offer them.

"It's not as good as a gig though mate" the scruffy punk explains to a dedicated dj one morning after a night of debauchery. "Ok, maybe" agrees the dj. "But who wants to listen to a fucking lead guitarist when their out on a Saturday night".

"It doesn't have to be that way though". The scruffy punk argues. "I'm selling my drum kit, check this out" he reaches for a crumpled copy of Future Music magazine, scrambles through the pages and finally arrives at his destination. "Look, a real midi drum kit, one that finally works. As soon as I can sell them old pots and pans, I'm getting it. I'm gonna make drum'n'bass, real drum'n'bass, with real people and real instruments". And so he did.

Times changed, things rearranged, technology grew and our young punks craved. One dj who secretly played the cello, discarded his antique for a new electronic one, our bass scientist keenly awaited the first midi bass guitar. I quote, "That really fucking works." Punk number two quickly invested in an electronic percussion device. Our dedicated dj brought along some powerful synthesizers and it wasn't long before they bumped into a suitable rapper spending his afternoons gibbering on street corners for shirt buttons.

It was done. The whole band was electronic. Not a hint of traditional band stuff in sight. Intrigued? I hope so!

The DSS Band are indeed a heavy-duty proposition, taking the gnarlier end of drum + bass, throwing in a smidgeon of electro, some cello, then adding furiously spat lyrics, the end result is a D&B / punk fuelled demolition derby, not for the faint hearted.

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