John Parker

Also known as J. Parker

Discography of John Parker:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 A Big Mistake / Just A Thing Called Love 2 Audio 1970 Brunswick

Soul artist

Other John Parker you should consider before crediting:

[b][a=John Lewis Parker][/b] Keyboardist - songwriter, often co-writer with [a=Harry Shannon] or [a=Peter Becket] or [a=Steve Kipner]. Among other hits, he has co-written [a=Chicago]'s [i]"Hard Habbit To Break"[/i] and [a=Olivia Newton-John ]'s [i]"I Need Love"[/i].

[b][a=John Carl Parker][/b] Songwriter of TV and movie themes, such as [i]"Cannon"[/i] and [i]"Chips"[/i]

[b][a=John Albert Parker][/b] Drummer with late '60s psych rockers [a=Arcadium (2)]

[b][a=John David Parker][/b] Engineer, appearing active since 1989

[b][a=John E. Parker Jr.][/b] Appearing as early '60s jazz songwriter

[b][a=John Eric Parker][/b] Broadway musical vocalist

[b][a=John "J.P." Parker][/b] Appearing as keyboardist in a 2008 [a=John Morales] and [a=Paul Simpson] remix in a [a=Ashford & Simpson] release.

[b][a=John Parker (2)][/b] Australian jazz drummer, percussionist, with [a=Ubique], active since 2004

[b][a=John Parker (3)][/b] Producer for House label [l=Robbins Entertainment], active since the early '00s.

[b][a=John Parker (4)][/b] Bassist with [a=Nizlopi], active since 2002

[b][a=John Parker (5)][/b] Mid-'80s alt. rock guitarist from New Zealand, member of [a=Rock Candy (2)]

[b][a=John Parker (6)][/b] Ragtime and dixieland jazz pianist, active in the '50s a.k.a. [a=Knocky Parker]

[b][a=John Parker (7)][/b] American rock bassist, brother of [a=Anders Parker], member of [a=Space Needle] and [a=Varnaline], active since 1995

[b][a=John Parker (8)][/b] Folk artist

[b][a=John Parker (9)][/b] R 'n' B - hip hop producer - songwriter, a.k.a. [a=Dart La], appearing active since the late '90s

[b][a=John Parker (10)][/b] Photographer

[b][a=John Parker (11)][/b] Drummer, appearing in a 1980 [a=Paul Shorthouse] release

[b][a=John Parker (12)][/b] Experimental musician, appearing in an Australian compilation, as member of [a=Bp$$ch]

[b][a=John Parker (13)][/b] Film director, appearing in a 1995 VHS release of garage rockers [a=Country Teasers]

[b][a=John Parker (14)][/b] Soul jazz musician appearing in a 1985 U.S. compilation

[b][a=John Parker (17)][/b] Drummer with the late '60s U.K. bamd [a=Consortium (2)]

[b][a=John Parker (18)][/b] Designer, credited in a 1992 [a=Radiators, The] release

[b][a=Johnny Parker][/b] Early '90s italo-house producer with hits like "'Love It Forever' and 'Baby I Need Your Loving".

[b][a=Johnny Parker (2)][/b] U.K. '50s songwriter of standards like "Baby Sittin' Boogie"

[b][a=Johnny Parker (4)][/b] U.K. blues - jazz piano player

[b][a=Johnny Parker (5)][/b] 50s rhythm 'n' blues bassist

[b][a=Johnny Parker (6)][/b] Appearing as vocalist in 1953 [a=Hugo Winterhalter] releases.

[b][a=Johnny Parker (7)][/b] Rock 'n' roll artist

[b][a=Johnny Parker (8)][/b] Funk soul artist

[b][a=Johnny Parker (9)][/b] Early '60s Louisiana bassist with the [a=Hackberry Ramblers]

[b][a=Johnny Parker (11)][/b] Drummer with the late '60s psych rockers [a=Czar (2)]

[b][a=Johnny Parker (12)][/b] 50's jazz - blues saxophonist

[b][a=Johnny Lee Parker][/b] Disco artist appearing in brazilian 1978 compilations

[b][a=Johnny Ray Parker][/b] Funk Soul artist with [a=Friction (20)] with a 1983 release

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