Lars Wickinger

Lars-Olaf Wickinger

Also known as Wickinger, Lars
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Discography of Lars Wickinger:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Cobra Liebe 3 Audio 2006 Opossum Recordings
2 Blutrausch 2 Audio 2006-03-00 Traum Schallplatten
3 Beirut Boogie / Villa Incognito 2 Audio 2007-04-11 liebe*detail
4 Cubic 3 Audio 2007-09-00 Living Records
5 Good Times 3 Audio 2007-09-00 Dimmer
6 Happy Doom Day 3 Audio 2008-04-11 Bondage Music
7 Aladin 3 Audio 2008 Lebensfreude Records
8 Métisse 04 2 Audio 2008-10-06 Métisse
9 Bondage Blood 3 Audio 2008-11-00 040 Recordings
10 Fever 3 Audio 2008-09-00 tanzbar|musik
11 Black Is Back EP 3 Audio 2009-03-09 Haseland Magnetschallplatten
12 Alicia @ The Wonderland 3 Audio 2009-06-15 Living Records
13 Muzzle 3 Audio 2009 Kachelfunk Musik
14 Skeleton Funk 2 Audio 2009 tanzbar|musik
15 Live Walk 2 Audio 2010-04-01 Kreisverkehr
16 Sugar Daddy 4 Audio 2010-10-28 Relativity Traxx
17 Darth Vader EP 4 Audio 2010-12-21 Enter V2
18 Missing Link / Fuck Em All 2 Audio 2009-11-20 Aromamusic
19 Say Yes To Another Excess 4 Audio 2012 So What
20 Drugs 4 Audio 2012-02-29 So What
21 Darth Vader EP 4 Audio 2010-12-10 Enter V2
22 Havin A Beat 4 Audio 2012-10-00 So What
23 Sushi & Sex 4 Audio 2011-09-30 So What
24 The Glue EP 4 Audio 2013-06-06 Eclaire The Heart
25 Dropout Ep 4 Audio 2013-10-16 So What
26 Dub Killer 4 Audio 2013-02-07 So What
27 Shifter EP 4 Audio 2014-06-27 So What

Music was always his companion and his great passion!

At the beginning of the 90s he made his first contact with the Techno Sound.

He got hold of his first electronic equipment and so, while still playing in bands, he did more and more programming of his own.

In Berlin he starts with a project called Vanilla Krepp featured a woman singing to be heard on Freizeitglauben03 and on the second „Notaufnahme“ Sampler of the Popagenten.

2003 he met the ingenious songwriter Michael Skelton from Hamburg and a highly productive phase began, out of which two projects emerged: The Hip hop-Elektro Band Citizens International and later the Elektro-Techno Duo C.I.T. (

Numerous releases of C.I.T. followed on Electric Avenue Rec. (the label of Monika Kruse), Spoiler Music, Lebensfreude Rec. and Killa Beat.

Since 2006 he also produces minimal style techno with Dj Markus Schatz under the name of Schatz & Wickinger. Releases on EK-Records and Opossum Rec. from Berlin comes out.

As the next obvious thing to do Lars Wickinger started producing solo-tracks.

In 2006, there were two succesful releases on Opossum Rec. and Traumschallplatten/Cologne.

2007/08 coming releases as Lars Wickinger on labels such as Liebe*Detail, Dimmer Rec., Suchtreflex, Killa Beat Rec., Living Records, Tanzbar Rec., Curle Rec. and Flash Rec. etc. will strengthen his reputation as a producer and succesful live act and Dj.

2009 other Releases on Haseland Schallplatten, Kachelfunk Musik, Living Records, Killa Beat, Tanzbar etc.

Lars Wickinger planned his first Album for 2010.

Similarly publications on Frequenza Rec. (Italy), Kreisverkehr "Vinyl Only!" (Germany) and also starting his own labels (Vinyl) together with Aroma Music and Kachelfunk Music

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