Maurice Pinkster

Maurice Pinkster

Also known as M .Pinkster, M. Pinkster, M.Pinkster, Maurice
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1990 - 1994:

Maurice's roots are in the begin 90's. When he was ten years old he got some tapes from his cousin. These tapes were from the houstemple "Parkzicht". He likes them very much. When the "Houseparty" mixes came out he was the first one to buy them. When he discovered the shop "Midtown" in his hometown the beginning of buying records was a fact. The first e.p. he bought was "Reanimator - Bigger and Bolder" on the K.N.O.R. label.

1994 - 1998:

After many records he got more interested in producing. He got an 8 bit monotracker from a guy at school. After some tracks he met some guys who want to do a live act with him. In the same group he teamed up with someone who produced with midi, a total new experience for him. He uses his studio and came up with some tracks. In 1998 he had some tracks finished and went to 80 Aum records who had also a shop in his hometown. 80 Aum like the tracks and a new label was born "Unknown Species Records". Dark Earth - Wisdom of the Grave was the first releases. Unfornately the hardcore market collapsed and there has never been a follow up.

1998 - 2005:

In the same time 80 Aum became AMP International. A company which license tracks to other companies. Maurice produces all kind of styles and ended up with companies such as Essential Dance Music and Combined Forces. In 2001 Maurice started up the FIX label together with Phuture Rave. The first release was "Zanthrax - My Project" (FIX 14).


After many releases on FIX; Paul Mols contact him and asked if he wanted to release on his label Underground Society. Maurice liked the offer so he can produce other styles like FIX. Underground Society released a serie of two records "Mind Battle 1 and 2". Mind Battle 1 is already released and contains the track "Children Of Hell" which ended up at compilations like: Thunderdome, Hardcore Emotions and Partyraiser's One man, Half machine.


After many warnings Maurice noticed that AMP International (Pinokkio) didn't do what they had promised. After not having been paid for his hard work for several years, Maurice decided to end the cooperation and continued with productions for other labels. In may maurice started a radioshow the "Ben Harder Show" at Drechtstad FM together with Ben Harder, Stalker and Xytec. This is a monthly show with the best hardcore and artists.

Maurice sent a demo to the SYMP.TOM label. They liked the tracks and Maurice ended up with two tracks on SYMP.TOM 5. After a lot of contact with Mental Wreckage they discovered that their ideas are similair and started a co-operation with the name: Dual Mechanism. With this new project they mainly focus on raw, mechanical sounding tracks. Maurice also did a track together with Xtrecist. This track, Melody Remedy, was licensed to the compilation "Thunderdome 2006".


Zanthrax's track "Dark By Nature" has finally been released on Zero Tolerance records. This populair track was already released on a limited white label on Dark. Descent. At the end of may the first solo e.p. of the Relic will be released on Symp.tom. Also the tracks produced under Dual Mechanism were released this year on symp.tom nr.7. Maurice also did a remix for Neophyte - Recession, which was released on the ROT 100 and ROT CD 50. A anniversary edition on Rotterdam Records. This remix was many played by Partyraiser and ended up on two of his compilations.


This year many releases came out on symp.tom. Maurice did a versus with Moleculez which was released on Moleculez' release: symp.tom 8. A new Relic e.p. had seen the light on symp.tom 9.

The Relic - Angel's Share. Including the very dark track: White Darkness. At the end of this year Maurice released a 2CD mix compilation on Symp.toms 4 together with Mental Wreckage.

The Ben Harder Show still exist and is becoming more and more populair !

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