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1 Eleven 4 Audio 2013-12-19
2 Kundalini Ep 4 Audio 2014-05-01 Trinacria

I'm not so familiar with promo stuff and so called "social media" content.

So don't expect too much info's.

Finally I'm interested in making sounds, traxx 'nd records too, that's it!

When I started making music in the mid 90'th, hardware was that expensive.

This didn't almost changed throughout the decades and despite the fact, I "used" Abletons software from the start for a decade too,

I'm deeply convinced in good hardware as Lexicon, Urei, SPL, Moog and TC, you name it.

I'm not convinced in unlimited Undo's in software and almost unlimited possibilities in automaton, you'll never finish one song and release it satisfied!

One of my closest friend, Aem.aze, said once, "pure", that's your sound, Gregor.(thx mate)

I never use a lots of single sounds, cause they have to "Breath Free" in a song.

If you listen to songs before the technology took over the power in studios, they were also very reduced compared to today's productions.

It's more about the feeling I'd like to express.

Building the classic compressors as 1176, ssl or la2 is a hobby of mine too.

I simply love that devices.

It's not that hard, just start, believe me!

By the way, the date Bob Moog's Ladder Filter was patented(not the year) is my birthday!

Love this small stories! He passed some years ago but I had the chance to meet him once.

Those magic day's are the fact He described once this way:

"I'm not familiar with making music, I build devices for musicians to meet 'em once..!"

Miss ja Bob!

so, that's it!


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