Leb I Sol

Also known as "Leb I Sol", Леб И Сол
Members of Leb I Sol: Bodan Arsovski, Dado Topić, Dimitar Božikov, Dimitar Čočorovski, Dragoljub Đuričić, Garabet Tavitijan, Kiril, Miki Petkovski, Nikola Dimuševski, Srđan Dunkić, Vlatko Stefanovski
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Discography of Leb I Sol:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 I Taka Nataka 9 Audio 2008 PGP RTS
2 Ručni Rad 7 Audio 1990-03-14 PGP RTB
3 Sledovanje 15 Audio 2000 Taped Pictures
4 Sledovanje 10 Audio 1982 PGP RTB
5 Anthology Volume 2 17 Audio 1995 Third Ear Music
6 2 8 Audio 1978 PGP RTB
7 CD Kolekcija 16 Audio 1991 PGP RTB
8 Putujemo 9 Audio 2006 Croatia Records
9 Tangenta 9 Audio 2006 Croatia Records
10 Putujemo 9 Audio 1989 Jugoton
11 2 19 Audio 2003 PGP RTS
12 Ručni Rad & (∞) 18 Audio 2000 Taped Pictures
13 Akustična Trauma 16 Audio 2001 Taped Pictures
14 1 & 2 19 Audio 2000 Taped Pictures
15 Kolekcija 1983-1989 63 Audio 2006 Croatia Records
16 Zvučni Zid - Muzika Za Teatar, Film I TV 24 Audio 1986 Jugoton
17 30th Anniversary Tour - Live In Macedonia 22 Audio 2006 Avalon Produkcija
18 2 21 Audio 2003 PGP RTS
19 Kalabalak 8 Audio 1983 Jugoton
20 Live In New York 9 Audio 1991 Third Ear Music
21 2 8 Audio 1979 PGP RTB
22 2 8 Audio 1979 PGP RTB
23 Kao Kakao 9 Audio 1987 Jugoton
24 Live Anthology 13 Audio 1999 VG (2)
25 Najveći Hitovi 18 Audio Macedoni
26 Leb I Sol 9 Audio 1978 PGP RTB
27 Leb I Sol 9 Audio 1979 PGP RTB
28 Vaši Gosti "Leb I Sol" I Miroslav Ilić 2 Audio 1982 PGP RTB
29 2 8 Audio 1978 PGP RTB
30 Leb I Sol 9 Audio 1978 PGP RTB
31 Ručni Rad 7 Audio 1980 PGP RTB
32 (∞) 9 Audio 1981 PGP RTB
33 Talasna Dužina / Dikijeva Igra 4 Audio 1978 PGP RTB

[u]LEB I SOL[/u] (eng. "Bread and Salt") was a premier fusion band in former Yugoslavia. They were formed on 1st January 1976 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (back then part of Yugoslavia), with the original line-up consisting of: [i]Vlatko Stefanovski[/i] (guitar and vocals), [i]Bodan Arsovski[/i] (bass), [i]Nikola Dimuševski[/i] (keyboards) and [i]Dimitar Čočorovski[/i] (drums).

In mid-1977 [i]Garabet Tavitijan[/i] replaced Čočorovski on drums and this line-up would last until 1980, making the first three albums of largely instrumental Macedonian ethno-jazz-fusion that remain their best work so far. Dimuševski left in 1980, to be replaced for a short time by [i]Miki Petkovski[/i] (ex-[url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Smak+(3)]SMAK[/url]) but he also quit shortly. The remaining members decided to continue as a trio (without keyboards), so the fourth album introduced a change of music direction from pure jazz-fusion into more rock-based territory, retaining some ethno-fusion elements but making them more accessible to mainstream pop/rock audience. Tavitijan left in summer 1982 and his replacement was [i]Dragoljub Đuričić[/i], ex-[a=YU Grupa] drummer. The same year they changed their record label from Belgrade-based [l=PGP RTB] to Zagreb-based [l=Jugoton]. The 8th album "[i]Tangenta[/i]" was produced by the Canterbury scene veteran Kevin Ayers. Tavitijan was back on drums in 1986, while the following year they added saxophone and keyboards for "[i]Kao kakao[/i]" album, making another radical shift towards AOR laid-back sound with all vocal tracks, including several pop-hits, abandoning prog explorations almost entirely. Dimuševski was back in team for the last studio album "Putujemo" in 1989, while Đuričić again replaced Tavitijan on drums for the North American tour and "Live in New York" album in 1991.

They played their last concert in Thessalonica, Greece, December 1995, after which LEB I SOL disbanded. Stefanovski and Arsovski founded their private label Third Ear Music in 1990 and continued with successful solo careers.

In mid-2006 Leb I Sol gather back together in their most recognizable line up (Stefanovski, Arsovski, Dimuševski, Tavitijan) for their "30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2006", having gigs all around former Yugoslavia in the next several months.

After this tour ended, Vlatko Stefanovski leaves the band and the rest of the members continue to work with new guitarist [i]Dimitar Božikov[/i], a well established and appreciated Macedonian musician.

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