Dolores Duran

Adiléia Silva da Rocha

Also known as D. Duran, D. Durand, D.Duran, Delores Durán, Dolores Duram, Dolores Durán, Duran, Durand, Д. Дуран, Долорес Дуран

Discography of Dolores Duran:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Dolores Duran 12 Audio Copacabana
2 A Música De Dolores 13 Audio 1959 Copacabana
3 No "Michel" De São Paulo 4 Audio Copacabana
4 Dolores Duran Nº 2 12 Audio 1971 Beverly
5 Dolores Duran 23 Audio 1979 Copacabana
6 Dolores Duran 12 Audio 1972 Beverly
7 Nova História Da Música Popular Brasileira 8 Audio 1978 Abril Cultural
8 Чику-Чику Но Фуба / Тумба Ле-Ле 2 Audio 1958
9 A Música De Dolores 13 Audio 1991 Beverly
10 A Música De Dolores 13 Audio 1975 Som Industria E Comércio S. A. (Discos Copacabana)

Rio de Janeiro, June 7, 1930 - Rio de Janeiro, October 24, 1959

Born in a village street of Purpose, in downtown Rio, where he lived for some years. Had a poor childhood and never knew her father. Moved to a tenement in the district of Piedade, suburbs with his mother, stepfather and sisters Denise, Solange and Leila. As a child he liked to sing and dreamed of becoming a famous singer. At 8 years of age contracted rheumatic fever, which nearly led to her death, and left as a sequel to a very serious heart murmur. For some it does not resist, to the dismay of his mother.

At twelve years old, influenced by friends, decides, with his mother's permission, enroll in a contest for singers, but she doubted it would succeed. Surprisingly, she sang very well, as a professional and won the first prize in the program for Freshmen Parade of Ary Barroso. The presentations in the program became frequent, fixing it in the artistic career.

When Adiléia was 12, had to drop out of school, stopping at the primary school to help her mother with household expenses. Get a job and began working as an actress on radio Cruzeiro do Sul, in the Tupi and programs in theater, and singing on TV shows, but all of these jobs were temporary, not ganrantia right money.

Adiléia tries to finish his studies, entering the gym, paying a school, but as money was short and the school fees were late, she is expelled from school. As she had to devote a lot of music and theater, she decides to quit school for good. His mother does not like this attitude and fighting even after the mother, unwillingly, tries to accept the vocation of singer's daughter, since her mother said that artists also studied and that fame has just one day. Adiléia had a very strong personality and did not take insults home, responded to anyone else, knew to defend well.

In the late '40s, she meets a wealthy and influential couple: Lauro and Heloise Paes de Andrade, who had already heard her sing. They come to help her become a singer and really take in several places chic and recognized, frequented by celebrities. Lauro shall call her Dolores Duran, to be a fine name at that time. This name is Spanish and dramatic meaning pain. He is very strong and brings a load of pain and intense suffering, and the surname Duran, which means during, always, further intensifies, as if no end this pain.

Having never studied languages, taught herself to sing in English, French, Italian, Spanish and even Esperanto. Ella Fitzgerald during his trip to Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s, the club Baccarat was especially excited to hear Dolores and with the interpretation of Dolores to My Funny Valentine - the best I've ever heard, Fitzgerald said.

The journalist Antonio Maria was one of the best friends of the singer, publications and wrote about it.

His songs became hugely successful. Were dramatic, beautiful and romantic, and expressed the feelings of a pure heart. Proof of this is that Antonio Maria wrote, "Dolores Duran spoke of feeling like no other, in all languages. His language was love!"

She sang in several nightclubs in Rio His fame spread and was hired by Radio National, which then only chose the best singers. Radio was the most desputada. She never studied singing and music, his voice did not need correction through lectures. It seemed that she was born to sing. At that time his stepfather died and his family faces great difficulties.

He began to sing songs in the program Fishing international stars, where there was only young and renowned singers. There she meets and becomes best friend of the singer's Guanabara Radio and Radio National, Julie Joy.

She had many boyfriends. The first had been a waiter at the club Vogue. His nickname was Black Mountain. The dated for a few months. He asked to return, but as she was the wife of one word, did not return. He saw that it did not work the first time, the second would fights again.

After he dated for six months Billy Blanco, who also recorded songs, as he wrote letters. At that time he wrote with Tom Jobim samba Business is love, which was a great success. Nara Leão played the song. During this period she was famous, destribuía autographs in the street, where he was interviewed and took pictures to her. He liked football and attended the Maracana, where he attended the World Cup in 1950. It also went well on the beaches and cinemas.

The 1950s began striking for Dolores, who began singing in nightclubs sophisticated Hotel Gloria.

In 1951, the Acre know a musician, accordion player named Joao Donato. They were in front of the Hotel Gloria every night. Dolores, John and Julie were great friends, always together and went out walking, also with other colleagues. Just do not marry because of opposition from the boy's family and prejudice in society. Donato was 17, while Dolores was 21 and an older woman was not well seen with a younger man. She fought hard to have him on your side, but he preferred to listen to your family. The courtship ended when Donato was living in Mexico. Donato and Dolores could not hold more fights and demands of their families. This made her suffer, but she overcame and his success in music has increased.

The debut album was Dolores in 1952, called Songs for Carnival, recording two sambas for Carnival the following year: What good is (Alice Clark, Salvador Miceli and Paul Marquez) and no longer applicable (Domitius Costa and Roberto Faisal) . In 1953, recorded Fall (Billy Blanco) and Lama (Alice Marquez and Paulo Chaves). Two years later came the song of songs back (Antonio Maria and Ismael Neto) Well wishing well (Fernando Lobo), Praca Maua (Billy Blanco) and Carioca (Antonio Maria and Ismael Neto).

Often in the mornings, she created her lyrics on the table for bars, drinking and smoking, listening to music bolero, salsa and samba. Inspiration in his love affairs and life in general, its joys, sorrows, pains, anxieties and sorrows, to compose his unforgettable lyrics.

In 1955 he was the victim of a heart attack, having spent thirty days in the hospital Miguel Couto. Dolores decided not to follow the restrictions that the doctors determined, worsening heart problems which he had since childhood, problems only worsened with time, because abused cigarette (smoked more than three wallets per day) and drink, especially vodka and whiskey. Thus, the depression started to mark his life. Even the famous and loved by thousands of fans felt sad, empty and you took care of this, sought refuge in drink and tobacco.

That same year he met the singer and songwriter Macedo Neto, who has recorded several sambas. The two met in the studios of Copacabana label and quickly moved in together. Before getting married on paper, but it Dolores got pregnant and had a tubal pregnancy (high risk pregnancy which causes sterility and maternal fetal loss), interrupting his dream of being a mother, which ruined his life and led to worsening addiction to cigarettes and drinks.

A fact that was marked that after losing his son, have entered into depression and decided to get married officially Macedo, he forbade his mother to attend the wedding of them, her mother is black, a fact that left her stunned and angry. The one that went to her wedding was her sister Denise, for her mother and sisters could not go to such offense. Dolores married just to not feel so alone, because I never forgave her husband for not letting her mother go to your wedding.

In 1958, after many arguments and fights violent desquitou is Macedo Neto and spent months in Europe singing and performing with his musical group, doing very well. There he met and lived new and intense love.

In 1956, scored a hit with the song Daughter of Chico Brito, composed by Chico Anysio. The following year, a young composer Dolores had a composition of himself and Vinicius de Moraes. It was Antonio Carlos Jobim in his early career. In three minutes, Dolores took a pencil and wrote the lyrics of the song "Because Of You." Vinicius was delighted with the letter and kindly donated the space to Dolores. It has been revealed from there, the talent for composition and Dolores blockbusters such as Estrada do Sol, Wrong Ideas, My Melody and The Night of My Well, among others.

He sang in Uruguay, in the Soviet Union and China in the company of Brazilian musicians, but for her disagreement with the group, Dolores changes plans and carries out his dream, traveling to Paris from China alone. It was a good time touring and learning the wonders of the city of lights, the beautiful and enchanting Paris.

Returning to Brazil after a while got to create a new-born, poor and black, who gave the name of Maria Fernanda Macedo da Rocha, which was recorded by Macedo Neto, even being separated from Dolores and the girl not to him any relationship. The biological mother of Maria Fernanda was a widow and had died after birth because it could not stand the excitement of seeing her husband, stepfather of the girl, who was one of the victims of the worst tragedy in suburban trains in Rio de Janeiro. The baby would be with the maid of Dolores, a friend of the mother, but she was very poor, handing the baby over to Dolores, who is hopelessly charmed by the child and gave all the love and care possible. Walking with the girl and gave her all the best that money and love could provide.

Thereafter, during the last two years, he composed some of the most memorable songs of the MPB, as Penalty and Time Passing Look, among many others.

At dawn on October 23, 1959, after a show at the Little Club nightclub, the singer came out with her last boyfriend, called Nonato Pinheiro and his friends to a party at the Club of the Air Force. Upon leaving the party, decided to close the night drinking and listening to music on Kit Club. The singer arrived home at seven in the morning of the 24th. Joked a lot and kissed his daughter, now 3 years old, in the bathtub. Then spent the past used to care Rita: "Do not wake me. I'm tired. I sleep to die," he quipped. In the fourth, suffered a massive heart attack - that at the time, was associated with an overdose of barbiturates, cigarettes and alcohol.

The premature death of Dolores Duran, age 29, stopped a career intensely lived. Her friend Marisa Gata Mansa took the last verses of Dolores Ribamar music for them. Carlos Lyra did the same on the unpublished verses. The ex-husband created the stepdaughter of them.

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