Also known as Lolla, Vis Lollobrigida
Members of Lollobrigida: Boško Mijušković, Damjan Babić (2), Ida Prester, Ivana Vodanović, Jernej Šavel, Jovan Vesić, Lovorka Huljić, Marko Ajković, Matej Končan, Sanja Šiljković, Zoran Pleško
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Discography of Lollobrigida:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Cartoon Explosion 16 Audio 2005
2 Lollobrigida Inc. 13 Audio 2008-05-16
3 Sex On TV, Sex On Radio 3 Audio 2011-06-09 Not On Label (Lollobrigida Self-released)
4 Bivša Cura 3 Audio 2010 Exit Music (2)
5 Pilula 13 Audio 2012 Metropolis Records (4)
6 Pilula 13 Audio 2012 MenArt
7 Miss Right Mr Wrong + Radio Intervju S Lollobrigidom 13 Audio 2008
8 Moj Dečko Je Gej 3 Audio 2008
9 Reklama 4 Audio 2013-05-15 Not On Label (Lollobrigida Self-released)
10 Uzalud 3 Audio 2014-03-16 Not On Label (Lollobrigida Self-released)
11 Zašto? 3 Audio 2014-06-16 Not On Label (Lollobrigida Self-released)

As a duo, Lollobrigida performed for the first time at a bigger public concert in June 2003 in the student club KSET, as an opening band for German trash-style musician Mambo Kurt, attracting immediately a pronounced interest within Zagreb's underground-music audience.

In the original lineup there were Ida Prester and Natalija Dimičevski singing and playing bass-guitar on top of their computer-generated music matrix. In February 2004 the duo performed as a sole band at the crowded concert in Zagreb's Studentski centar; after that they signed a contract with the Croatian label Menart Records/DOP Records.

In June 2004 Lollobrigida performed at the third Zagreb Pride.

Lollobrigida's first single, Party, was released in September 2004 soon becoming a pretty well-accepted hit, rendering the underground phenomenon into a name known to almost everybody. Sizeable media covering, involving print-, radio-, and TV-media, release of an anti-holiday single 'Nesretni Božić', and a very successful performance at the big rock-concert Fiju Briju all enabled Lollobrigida to keep a high level of interest in the audience till the release of their debut-album 'Cartoon Explosion', in May 2005. The girls have promoted the album in the club KSET again. The introductory band at the latter concert was a hip-hop duo Bitcharke na travi from Serbia, Beograd.

In 2006 Lollobrigida transformed to some extent their musical and stage-performing concept. Natalija left the band. Several instrumentalists, playing keyboards, guitar and bass, joined the band adding a new sound quality to the electronic matrix background. Unlike Ida, the band founder and the Lollobrigida constant, other band members were changing rather frequently. The prefix VIS has been also added to the band name. (A sort of sentimental homage to pop-rock music of socialistic times). During that year Lollobrigida started working on their new album, 'Lollobrigida Incorporated', finally released in May 2008, following the promo-concert taken place in Zagreb club Tvornica. In 2005 the single 'Bubblegum boy' was released. Soon after, the accompanied video spot was broadcasted by MTV-Adria and many other local TV-networks. In 2006 the band increased its popularity by releasing the single and video spot 'Moj dečko je gay' (meaning My boyfriend is gay). In 2008, a few months before appeareance of the new album, the single (and a video-spot) 'Miss Right and Mr Wrong' was launched, reaching the top positions on many Croatian musical top-lists.

Lyrics, music and stage performance appear to be equally important elements of the way that Lollobrigida band communicates with its audience. By insisting on honesty, simplicity and originality Lollobrigida keeps distance from standard musical and textual stereotypes, choosing instead a sort of genre indeterminacy. At variance with the latter elements, the perfection of their musical and vocal interpretations is not particularly cultivated. Ida Prester authors the lyrics of all the songs being simultaneously, taking into account the whole opus up to now, a leading author of all music as well.

Since their start-up Lollobrigida was performing at numerous concerts in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary. Among their live performances one can especially single out a sequence of four very successful performances, from 2005 on, at EXIT (festival), Novi Sad, Serbia. There, Lollobrigida became a sort of a trademark of the festival's 'Elektrana' Stage.

Line up which recorded the second album was consisted of Ida Prester, Sanja, Zok, Lora and Ivana, but they split before the release of album.

Ida Prester as the front brain gathered around herself a combo of experienced musicians from bands like Pips, Chips & Videoclips (Shinetz, guitar), Psycho-Path (Jernej Savel, bass), Sphericube (David Halb, drums) and a synth wiz Kleemar on keys and samples. In 2009 Petra Cigoj. joins the group as a second singer.


Ida Prester (vox)

Petra Cigoj (vox)

Kleemar (synths and stuff)

David Halb (drums)

Shinetz (guitar)

Jernej Šavel (bass guitar)

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