Horde Of Worms

Members of Horde Of Worms: Alexander Erhardt, Chris Stepniewski
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Discography of Horde Of Worms:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Dreams And Dying Eyes 9 Audio 1999 Bloodbucket Productions
2 Wormageddon 4 Audio 2000 Bloodbucket Productions

Taken from band's site:

HORDE OF WORMS was formed over a decade ago in 1996 by two friends, Alexander Erhardt and Brent Assoun. Together in 1997/1998 they recorded their s/t debut with help from enlisted mutual friend Chris Stepniewski to handle the session vokill duties. The debut cd was released in 1997.

Soon after the release of their debut the worms hooked up with Gord McCubbin on bass guitar, it was with this lineup that HORDE OF WORMS recorded and released their second vicious album titled "Dreams and Dying Eyes" in 1999.

After the recording of said album, Chris left the fold to persue his own musical interests and the Worms then found a new session vokillist in Peter Cythrawl and with this line up recorded and released the violent mcd "Wormageddon" in 2001.

This release was limited to 1000 copies.

In the year 2002 HORDE OF WORMS returned to the original line up seeing the departure of Peter Cythrawl and Gord McCubbin .

As of the begining of the year 2003, Alexander had taken over lead vokill duties and both Brent and Alexander were spliting the bass duties.

2007 saw HORDE OF WORMS, welcoming new worms Jeff Kurkowski on 5 string bass & Dave Szaba on the drums, though both exited after about a year.

2008 saw the arrival of Erich Kennedy on drums.


ALEXANDER ERHARDT- Lead Vokills & Grinding Guitar.

BRENT ASSOUN- Chainsaw Guitar & Backing Vokills.

ERICH KENNEDY - Assault & Battery

Horde Of Worms Vokills by - Album.


CHRIS STEPNIEWSKI - Dreams And Dying Eyes.

PETER CYTHRAWL - Wormageddon.


ALEXANDER ERHARDT - Unearthly Desolation.

Horde Of Worms Bass by - Album.


GORD McCUBBIN - Dreams and Dying Eyes.

GORD McCUBBIN - Wormageddon.

ALEXANDER/BRENT - The Uncreation.

BRENT ASSOUN- Unearthly Desolation.

Additional notes

Alexander "Worm" Erhardt owns the record label Bloodbucket Productions.

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