Forbidden Society

Jindřich Brejcha

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Discography of Forbidden Society:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 The Master / Soul On Fire 2 Audio 2006 Jungle Therapy
2 The Smasher / Crash It Them Burn It 2 Audio 2006-09-30 Jungle Therapy
3 Focus On Violence 2 Audio 2006 Jungle Therapy
4 Soulcube / Fallin Over 2 Audio 2007 Hell's Bassment Records
5 Focus On Violence / Anti Trust 2 Audio 2007-11-12 MindSaw Recordings
6 Filth VIP 3 Audio 2008-05-05 Freak Mp3 Exclusive
7 Polibte Mi Prdel 2 Audio 2008
8 Soul Annihillation 3 Audio 2008-07-17 Not On Label
9 Fuck You All 3 Audio 2008-07-17 Not On Label
10 Facing Extinction 3 Audio 2008-07-17 Not On Label
11 Execute 3 Audio 2008-11-06 Hell's Bassment Records
12 Soul On Fire VIP 3 Audio 2009-02-05 Not On Label
13 The Smasher VIP / Viva Sicherheits 2 Audio 2008 Jungle Therapy
14 Go Hard / Not Human 2 Audio 2009-07-00 Manticore Recordings
15 Sourcream Remixes pt.2 2 Audio 2009-09-14 Tilt-Recordings
16 Sourcream Remixes Pt.2 2 Audio 2009-09-14 Tilt-Recordings
17 Brutal Thoughts 3 Audio 2010-08-01 Not On Label
18 Tech Treatment 06 2 Audio 2010-09-23 Section 8 Records
19 Can't Be Soft / Femme Fatale 2 Audio 2010-10-11 Fallout Recordings (2)
20 Extreme (Current Value Remix) / Redeemer 2 Audio 2011-02-28 Forbidden Society Recordings
21 Extreme / Redeemer 3 Audio 2011 Forbidden Society Recordings
22 ID / Run & Hide 2 Audio 2011-05-18 Yellow Stripe Recordings
23 Forbidden Society Recordings Limited 001 4 Audio 2011-05-23 Forbidden Society Recordings
24 ID / Run & Hide 2 Audio 2011-05-30 Yellow Stripe Recordings
25 The Gord 3 Audio 2011-05-01 Freak Mp3 Exclusive
26 Psychosis / Domination 2 Audio 2011 Mentally Disturbed Recordings
27 Riotbringer (Forbidden Society Remix) / Shelter 2 Audio 2011-06-27 Future Sickness Records
28 Hybrid Series Part 3 2 Audio 2011-06-00 Union Recordings (3)
29 Hybrid Series Part 3 2 Audio 2011-06-00 Union Recordings (3)
30 Burn / War Ensemble 4 Audio 2011-09-00 Forbidden Society Recordings
31 Set It Off / Pain Threshold 3 Audio 2011-12-16 Forbidden Society Recordings
32 Forcer / Incarnation 2 Audio 2011-10-10 Forbidden Society Recordings
33 Favorite Sin / This Never Happened 2 Audio 2012-02-06 Genosha One Seven Five
34 Favorite Sin / This Never Happened 2 Audio 2012-02-20 Genosha One Seven Five
35 Favorite Sin / This Never Happened 2 Audio 2012-02-20 Genosha One Seven Five
36 To The Threshold Album Sampler 2 Audio 2012-02-27 Forbidden Society Recordings
37 Soul Scanner / All Gone 2 Audio 2011-10-24 Fallout Recordings (2)
38 Anarchy 2 Audio 2011-12-23 Perkussiv
39 To The Threshold 13 Audio 2012-06-00 Forbidden Society Recordings
40 Creator & Destroyer / Burn It Down 2 Audio 2013-04-15 Forbidden Society Recordings
41 The Witch King / Manga Rebellion 2 Audio 2013-02-25 Forbidden Society Recordings
42 FSRECS LTD 005 2 Audio 2012-08-24 Forbidden Society Recordings
43 Extreme / Redeemer 3 Audio 2011-02-28 Forbidden Society Recordings
44 Control / Birth Cycle 2 Audio 2011-01-24 Forbidden Society Recordings
45 Destiny Eden (Current Value Remix) / Lords Of The Steel 3 Audio 2011-06-20 Forbidden Society Recordings
46 Burn / War Ensemble 3 Audio 2011-09-12 Forbidden Society Recordings
47 To The Threshold Album Sampler 2 Audio 2012-03-09 Forbidden Society Recordings
48 ID / Run & Hide 2 Audio 2011-05-30 Yellow Stripe Recordings
49 Step Through The Hardline 13 Audio 2005 Hardliner Recordings
50 Criminal EP - Part 1 4 Audio 2014-05-19 Forbidden Society Recordings

Forbidden Society (Czech republic)

( Forbidden Society Recordings )

If there’s one undeniable fact about electronic music, it’s that it never stands still; perpetually evolving, growing and changing. Often at a speed that’s hard for some to keep up with. Forbidden Society is an artist who doesn’t struggle to keep up. With an attitude to business that reflects in his style of music – fast-paced, forward-thinking and with an aggressive edge – this artist not only produces his own compositions but he also tours the world as a DJ, owns his own record label complete with a healthy merchandise arm and runs a stage at one of the biggest festivals in his native Czech Republic.

To some this dizzying array of roles might be a little too much to handle, but Jindrich Brejcha, better known as Forbidden Society, takes it all in his stride. A lifelong fan of the tougher side of music, he cut his teeth to the gritty sounds of punk and metal before being introduced to their electronic equivalents – gabber, hardcore and breakcore – at which point his life changed forever. Through immersing himself in these harder-edged electronic sounds, it wasn’t too long before Forbidden Society found himself evolving into the artist we know today.

“I am an open-minded person and I just love music in general - good music, from D&B, electro, techno, metal, punk - it just needs to have energy and drive for me. When I was young I listened to lots of punk and metal until a friend played me a tape with some early rave on it. After that I began to DJ with vinyl at underground raves and squat parties around CZ. When I first started producing my own tracks I was into digital hardcore, but I got really excited when I discovered drum & bass producers like Ed Rush and Technical Itch. The sound they were pioneering was incredible and I became more and more interested in making my own take on it.”

It wasn’t long before Forbidden Society got his first break in drum & bass as one of his tracks was picked up for release by Freak Recordings owner, Dylan, who continued to champion his hard and heavy take on D&B. “After that I quit my job,” explains Forbidden Society, “The gigs started to come in and I was living full time from my music.” From here Forbidden Society’s stock continued to rise with releases following on Counterstrike Recordings, Obscene, Algorhythm and several more labels before 2010 saw him launch his own self-titled imprint.

Since then Forbidden Society Recordings has been the home of his own releases as well as dropping music from producers including Current Value, Counterstrike, Donny, Katharsys, Dub Elements, Receptor and local Czech talent Computerartist. Not only has the label been home to some killer D&B singles, but Forbidden Society’s 2012 album ‘To The Threshold’ and 2014’s ‘Thronecrusher’ have both been released via his own imprint resulting in international recognition and the opportunity for Forbidden Society to tour across the globe – from Paris and Amsterdam, to Columbia and Japan, even being the only Czech producer booked to play at the world’s biggest indoor D&B event, the legendary Pirate Station in Russia.

“I never prepare my sets like some DJs do, I just think about the first track or two I want to play and then see the reaction of the crowd. I always try to add as much energy as I can, but I also add a lot of variety to my sets. I’ll play some hard D&B and mix it up with 4/4, I watch the reaction and I play what feels right at the time.”

And if the reactions to his DJ sets, his music and his record label are anything to go by then this producer is getting stronger by the day. Never one to rest on his laurels, it’s clear that what’s around the next corner could be the biggest and best project this talented Czech artist has conceived yet, and you need to be there to witness it. So what are you waiting for, isn’t it time you joined the Forbidden Society?


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