Bill King

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Rock drummer

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[b][a=Bill King (2)][/b] Appearing as vocalist in a 1971 release of [a=Beaver & Krause]

[b][a=Bill King (3)][/b] Pianist - keyboardist - producer - arranger - songwriter active in recordings since early '70s.

[b][a=Bill King (5)][/b] Trumpeter, appearing in [a=Righteous Brothers, The] mid 60s release

[b][a=Bill King (7)][/b] Drummer with the thrash metallers [a=Fatal (2)], active in the early '90s

[b][a=Bill King (8)][/b] Engineer appearing in a 1973 release of [a=M'Boom Re:percussion Ensemble]

[b][a=Bill King (9)][/b] Appearing as songwriter of "Gotcha" recorded by the surf rockers [a=Krontjong Devils, The]

[b][a=Bill King (12)][/b] Photographer

[b][a=Bill King (13)][/b] Supervisor in a 1993 classical release

[b][a=Bill King (14)][/b] Soul producer at [l=B.C.S.K. Records] releases

[b][a=Bill King (15)][/b] Member of the mid 90s alt rockers [a=Drag, The (2)]

[b][a=Bill King (16)][/b] Drummer with the jazz trio [a=Hank Roberts Trio]

[b][a=Billy King][/b] Drummer - percussionist

[b][a=Billy King (2)][/b] Germany based american singer a.k.a. [a=William King III] member of [a=Choir Company, The]

[b][a=Billy King (3)][/b] Serbian soul funk blues singer, a.k.a. [a=Puniša Zeljković]

[b][a=Billy King (4)][/b] Punk rock drummer a.k.a. [a=Antonio Dominguez] with the [a=Killer Barbies, The]

[b][a=Billy King (9)][/b] Australian new wave drummer with [a=New 5]

[b][a=Billy King (10)][/b] Jump blues artist

[b][a=Billy King (11)][/b] Jew's harp player with the surf rockers [a=Beat Tornados, The]

[b][a=Will King][/b] Soul - funk songwriter - singer - producer, part of the [l=Total Experience Records] family, with one album in 1985

[b][a=Willy King][/b] Rock 'n' roll artist

[b][a=Willie King][/b] Blues, rhythm 'n' blues drummer, a.k.a. [a=Billy Gayles]

[b][a=William King][/b] Italo disco one hit wonder in 1986 with the hit "Robin Hood"

[b][a=William King (3)][/b] Soul guitarist, keyboardist, trumpet player with the [a=Commodores]

[b][a=William King (5)][/b] Drummer with the showgazers [a=Ether Aura], active in the '00s

[b][a=William King (6)][/b] Percussionist, member of [a=Jimmy Castor Bunch, The]

[b][a=William King (8)][/b] Engineer, credited in classical releases since 1983

[b][a=William King (8)][/b] Sculptor, appearing credited for his art in a 1961 [a=Oliver Nelson] release

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