Systems In Blue

Members of Systems In Blue: Detlef Wiedeke, Michael Scholz, Rolf Köhler, Thomas Widrat
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Discography of Systems In Blue:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Point Of No Return (MS Project Remix) 3 Audio 2006-04-04 Spectre Media
2 Dr. No 3 Audio 2008-02-19 Spectre Media
3 Point Of No Return 13 Audio 2005-09-20 Spectre Media
4 Out Of The Blue 12 Audio 2008-03-21 Spectre Media
5 System In Blue 2 Audio 2005-10-17 Not On Label
6 Winner - Special Fan Edition 2004 10 Audio 2004-12-13 Not On Label
7 Sexy Ann 2 Audio 2005-11-28 Not On Label
8 1001 Nights 5 Audio 2006-03-07 Spectre Media
9 Voodoo Queen 3 Audio 2007-07-07 Spectre Media
10 Give A Little Sweet Love 5 Audio 2006-06-19 Music Sternchen Records
11 Jeannie Moviestar 3 Audio 2008-05-05 Not On Label
12 Ich Will Alles Und Noch Mehr 2 Audio 2006-05-02 Platt Music
13 1001 Nights 5 Audio 2006 Spectre Media
14 Point Of No Return / Out Of The Blue 27 Audio 2010-04-01
15 Point Of No Return Mix 2005 26 Audio 2005 Not On Label
16 Point Of No Return Mix Vol. 2 28 Audio 2005 Not On Label
17 Point Of No Return Mix Vol. 1 39 Audio 2005 Not On Label
18 Point Of No Return - Remixes 2005 12 Audio 2005 Not On Label
19 Die Größte Weihnachtsmannparade 2010 3 Audio 2010-12-04 Not On Label
20 Summer '97 2 Audio 2010 Not On Label
21 Point Of No Return - Az Album 20 Audio 2011 Hargent Media
22 Burow 2007 13 Audio 2007 Not On Label
23 Музыкальная Коллекция (Все Хиты В Формате MP3) 201 Audio 2010 Arlekina Records
24 Symphony In Blue - The Very Best Of 36 Audio 2011-04-27 Spectre Media
25 Symphony In Blue - The Very Best Of 37 Audio 2011-05-13 Spectre Media
26 Die Größte Weihnachtsmannparade 2010 3 Audio 2011-12-04 Not On Label
27 Dr. No 3 Audio 2010 YS Bootlegs
28 Voices From Beyond 23 Audio 2012-07-10 Spectre Media
29 Made In Heaven - DJ Deep Hitmix 2k12 2 Audio 2012-07-11 Spectre Media
30 Out Of The Blue 16 Audio 2008 Spectre Media (2)
31 Point Of No Return 13 Audio 2005 Megaliner Records

Systems in Blue is a German pop music band consisting of the studio musicians, arrangers and producers [a=Rolf Köhler], [a=Michael Scholz] and [a=Detlef Wiedeke], who has been working as back vocalists since late 70s for various artists: [a=Blonker], [a=Uriah Heep], [a=Blind Guardian], [a=Helloween], [a=Grave Digger], [a=Gamma Ray], [a=Iron Savior], [a=Tokyo], [a=Mephistopheles], [a=Kin Ping Meh] (featuring [a=Geff Harrison]) and many others. They are mostly known for their collaboration with [a=Modern Talking] in 1984-87 and 1998-2000 and [a=Blue System] in 1987-1997.

In 2001 the musicians filled a lawsuit against BMG because they felt that they did not get compensated fairly for their work on Dieter Bohlen productions, such as Modern Talking, Blue System, [a=C.C.Catch], [a=Nino de Angelo], [a=Chris Norman], [a=Thomas Forstner] and other. (The lawsuit was settled out of court). BMG Berlin confirmed that the studio musicians who filled the lawsuit contributed to the chorus of most Blue System and Modern Talking songs (besides America, Victory, and Universe) and all voices were then mixed together and multiplied electronically to get the typical sound for the high-pitched voices.

In 2003 together with songwriter / producer Thomas Widrat they founded a project Systems In Blue. The first single Magic Mystery released on March 22, 2004 got into TOP-100 of Amazon and climbed up to 12 at the Maxi-Charts. They released their first album Point Of No Return on September 20, 2005. The second album Out Of The Blue was published in March 21, 2008. Thomas Widrat canceled the Co-Production and helpings in 2008. He is no more longer a Part of Systems in Blue. In 2009 and 2010 they made together with [a=Marco Lessentin] a X-Mas Song. This will be bigger next years, project buyed by russians and promoted trough TV.

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