Gianluca Becuzzi

Gianluca Becuzzi

Also known as Becuzzi, G. Becuzzi, G. L. B., G. L. Becuzzi, G. Luca B., G. Luca Becuzzi, G.Luca B., Gianluca Becuzzi & Vv.Aa., Gianluca Becuzzi [Kinetix], GLB
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# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 ‹TIME_SPACE_SEQS› 3 Audio 2006 Radical Matters
2 ‹TIME_SPACE_FREQS› 3 Audio 2006 Radical Matters
3 [In]visible Fields 6 Audio 2011-03-00 Silentes Minimal Editions
4 Haunted 4 Audio 2011-09-24 Cérebro Morto
5 Haunted 4 Audio 2011-09-24 Cérebro Morto
6 Eternally Now 5 Audio 2011-10-31 Lisca Records
7 Nothing Is What It Seems 10 Audio 2011-12-06 Silentes Minimal Editions
8 Obsolescence I 3 Audio 2012-04-10 Santos Productions
9 Obsolescence II 3 Audio 2012-04-10 Santos Productions
10 Obsolescence III 3 Audio 2012-04-10 Santos Productions
11 In Memoriam J. G. Ballard 9 Audio 2012-06-05 Old Europa Cafe
12 Trax To Trax 6 Audio 2012-06-04 Silentes Minimal Editions
13 In Winter 9 Audio 2012-06-04 Silentes Minimal Editions
14 (B) Haunted 8 Audio 2014-01-00 Silentes Minimal Editions
15 Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 03 2 Audio 2014-03-31 FinalMuzik
16 We Can Be Everywhere 9 Audio 2014-05-24 FinalMuzik
17 A Poisonous, Black & White Iridescence Across Dangerously Amorphous Urban Landscapes 5 Audio 2014 Swiss Dark Nights

Gianluca Becuzzi (born 1962, Piombino-Italy) is an electronic / electroacoustic composer and sound artist active since the first half of the 80’s.

He released many albums and performed live around Europe during the last three decades under various names.

Since 1999, his artistic production is characterised by a strong experimental imprint, by the interest into the expressive possibilities offered by the technologies and by a clear aesthetic inclination towards abstract forms and micro / macro noises / sounds.

He deals with electronic / electroacoustic composition, sound art, audio installations, ambient post-scorings and sound design.

The relationships between art and science, between audio and visual-spatial forms, as well as between composition and self-generative processes represent the main themes in my sonological research.

Among the artistic productions of the latest years, in addiction to the experimental works under his own name, we have to mention also his solo works as Kinetix, the records in duet with Fabio Orsi, the electro-post-punk project Noise Trade Company and the harsh-power-noise productions as Greyhistory, plus several other collaborations with musicians, theatre companies and videoartists from the experimental area.


LIMBO (1984-2001)

SAINT LUKA (1988-1992)

MATAFORM (1995-1996)

KINETIX (1999-2010)




GREY HISTORY (2010-Today)

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