Peter Bjorn And John

Also known as Bjorn Peter & John, PB&J, PBJ, Peter Björn & John, Peter Bjorn & John, Peter Bjorn + John, Peter Bjorn John, Peter, Björn & John, Peter, Bjorn & John, Peter, Bjorn & Peter, Peter, Bjorn And John, Peter. Bjorn & John
Members of Peter Bjorn And John: Björn Yttling, John Eriksson, Peter Morén
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Discography of Peter Bjorn And John:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Forbidden Chords E.P. 4 Audio 2001-09-00 P B and J Records
2 Let's Call It Off 2 Audio 2006 Wichita
3 Young Folks 3 Audio 2006-05-17 Wichita
4 Let's Call It Off 2 Audio 2006-10-30
5 Writer's Block 18 Audio 2007-02-00 AlmostGold Recordings
6 Young Folks 3 Audio 2007-01-00 Wichita
7 Objects Of My Affection 2 Audio 2007-04-16
8 Failing And Passing 2 Audio 2002 P B and J Records
9 Tailormade 2 Audio 2005 Planekonomi
10 Tailormade 2 Audio 2005 Planekonomi
11 Failing And Passing 2 Audio 2002-04-22 P B and J Records
12 (I Just Wanna) See Through / Say Something Else 4 Audio 2003-10-23 Beat That!
13 Falling Out 10 Audio 2004-10-20 Planekonomi
14 Young Folks 2 Audio 2007-09-17
15 Young Folks 3 Audio 2007-09-17 Wichita
16 Young Folks 3 Audio 2007-00-00 Wichita
17 Peter Bjorn And John 15 Audio 2007-03-05 Wichita
18 Falling Out 15 Audio 2007-03-05
19 Writer's Block 31 Audio 2007-10-01 Wichita
20 Live From Roskilde 2007 5 Audio 2007-08-27 V2
21 Seaside Rock 10 Audio 2008 Wichita
22 Writer's Block 11 Audio 2006-06-26 Wichita
23 Seaside Rock 10 Audio 2008-09-23
24 Let's Call It Off 3 Audio 2006-10-30
25 Nothing To Worry About 3 Audio 2009 Wichita
26 Writer's Block (Remixes) 10 Audio 2009-04-14
27 Living Thing 12 Audio 2009-03-31 AlmostGold Recordings
28 Living Thing 12 Audio 2009-03-27
29 Writer's Block 15 Audio 2007-02-06
30 Living Thing 12 Audio 2009 StarTime International
31 It Don't Move Me 4 Audio 2009 Wichita
32 Nothing To Worry About 4 Audio 2009
33 Re-Living Thing 13 Audio 2009-09-14 Not On Label
34 Gimme Some 11 Audio 2011-03-28 Cooking Vinyl
35 Gimme Some 11 Audio 2011-03-29
36 Dig A Little Deeper 2 Audio 2011-04-16
37 Gimme Some 11 Audio 2011-03-29
38 Writer's Block 11 Audio 2007 Noiselab
39 Young Folks 4 Audio 2006-08-06 Wichita
40 Nothing To Worry About 4 Audio 2009 Wichita
41 Plays The Chills / The Chills 2 Audio 2012-05-00
42 Living Thing 12 Audio 2009
43 Nothing To Worry About 3 Audio 2009-02-09 Sony Music
44 Peter Bjorn And John 10 Audio 2012 P B And J Recordings
45 Falling Out 10 Audio 2012 P B And J Recordings
46 Gimme Some 11 Audio 2011 Cooking Vinyl
47 Young Folks (Datashat Remix) 4 Audio 2007-03-14 Not On Label (Datassette Self-released)
48 Second Chance 2 Audio 2011 Cooking Vinyl
49 Gimme Some 11 Audio 2011-03-24 Cooking Vinyl/Music On Vinyl
50 Living Thing 12 Audio 2009-03-30

[b]Peter Morén[/b] from Dalarna in the North of Sweden and [b]Björn Yttling[/b] from Västerbotten (even further to the North) had been playing music together for 8 years when in 1999 they met [b]John Eriksson[/b] who came from Norrbotten (which would you believe it, is yet even further to the North!).

The following year they started a band and simply called it [b]Peter, Bjorn & John[/b], not due to lack of better names, but because it felt the right thing to do, as band names are often ridiculous, so why not just go for your own names? First they thought that they would recruit a bass player but after the well known saying, '[i]...3 is a crowd[/i] ', decided they had more than enough, so keyboard player Björn began playing bass. Live the band have learned to use the smaller format to its advantage and in the studio, overdubs were the way to go.

Initially any fan/press attention they got had to do more with Björn's past production CV, as well as the other members guest appearances on other more well known bands records.

This began to change when in 2002 the home recorded self-titled debut album was released and songs like "[b]Matchmaker[/b]" and "[b]People They Know[/b]" became favourites with the indie-rock crowd.

2004 saw the follow-up with the more complete, mature and darker "[b]Falling Out[/b]". The track "[b]It Beats Me Everytime[/b]" became a hit on Swedish radio and the album was released Stateside the following year.

Their sound on here could be described differently to fellow Swedish bands [url=,+The]The Concretes[/url] (who were more punk) or [a=Shout Out Louds] (who were more frantic), and certainly as catchy as the most tuneful of the UK post-post-post-punk merchants. "[b]Falling Out[/b]" established Peter, Bjorn & John as a group to watch out for.

In 2006 they embarked on the second phase of their careers. The new album "[b]Writer's Block[/b]" (recorded in Björn's studio in Hornstull, Stockholm) is the first to showcase all three members as songwriters with each taking on lead vocalist duties, and sees the band go into a new musical direction. The first single from the album, "[r=713860]", features the vocal talents of [a=Victoria Bergsman] from [url=,+The]The Concretes[/url] and has been hammered even before it's official release.

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