Albert Verrecchia

Also known as A. Verrecchia, A. Verrecchia, A. Verrechia, Albert Verrechia, E. Verrecchia, Verrecchia

Discography of Albert Verrecchia:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Tecnica Di Un Amore 13 Audio 2000 Moving Image Entertainment
2 Roma Drogata: La Polizia Non Puo' Intervenire (Original Soundtrack) 19 Audio 2007 GDM
3 Ritmico Moderno 10 Audio 1977 CAM
4 Il Tempo Degli Assassini 2 Audio 1976 CAM
5 Un Fiocco Nero Per Deborah 2 Audio 1974 Kansas
6 Tecnica Di Un Amore 2 Audio 1970 B.B.B. Beautiful Black Butterfly Records
7 Tecnica Di Un Amore 13 Audio 1973 Beautiful Black Butterfly

This French-born composer moved to Italy in the 60's forming the group [a607772], with two albums on [l103559]. With him came his sister [a708401], who had some popularity as solo singer with the name Evy and the single L'abito non fa il beatnik.

After collaborating with many artists, among which [a208751] for his debut album Aria (where he appears as keyboardist and arranger under the name [a1092985]), in the 70's Verrecchia mostly dedicated his interest to film soundtracks, among these Tecnica di un amore, also released on LP by the Naples label B.B.B. and later reissued on vinyl and CD, and the recently rediscovered Roma drogata: La polizia non può intervenire, from a 1975 movie but never released before on record.

Opposite from other soundtrack composers, Verrecchia used electric sounds rather than orchestral arrangements, and the recent CD contains some interesting tracks in rock and blues style, with some vague psychedelic influences. Among the musicians playing in this soundtrack are [a572821], [a1187321], [a61848] and singer [a206096].

He later worked as producer using the name [a525854].

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