Super Sweet Talks

Also known as Super Sweet Talks Int'l, Super Sweet Talks Int., Super Sweet Talks International, Super Sweet Talks Of Africa, Sweet Talks, Sweet Talks, The
Members of Super Sweet Talks: A.B. Crentsil

Discography of Super Sweet Talks:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Sweet Talks 9 Audio 1979 Mercury
2 Do The Beat / Reggae Disco 2 Audio 1979
3 The African Hustle 4 Audio 1977 Makossa International Records
4 Sweet Talks 9 Audio 1979 Mercury
5 The Lord's Prayer 5 Audio 1980 Ofo Bros
6 The Kusum Beat 6 Audio 1976 Philips-West African-Records
7 Mbesiafo Ntɔ Nsa 7 Audio 1976 Philips-West African-Records
8 Adjoa 5 Audio Sacodis
9 Untitled 5 Audio Ofo Bros
10 Spiritual Ghana 16 Audio 1976 Philips-West African-Records
11 Party Time In Hollywood 5 Audio 1978
12 Sweet Talks 9 Audio 2007 Mercury
13 Do The Beat 2 Audio 1979 Mercury
14 Sweet Talks 9 Audio 1979 Mercury
15 Unforgetable 10 Audio 1978 Philips-West African-Records
16 The Kusum Beat 6 Audio 2010-04-26 Soundway
17 The Kusum Beat 6 Audio 2010-04-26 Soundway
18 The Kusum Beat 6 Audio 2010-04-26 Soundway
19 Adjoa - The Lord's Prayer 5 Audio 1981 Badmos
20 The Lord's Prayer 6 Audio 1995 Stern's Africa
21 Sirikye Duku 5 Audio Afrikord Music Svc
22 Mewɔ Road 5 Audio Koaky Int'l Records
23 Leader: Yaw Thorty 4 Audio Afrikord Music Svc
24 Sweet Talks 9 Audio 1979 Mercury
25 Adjoa 9 Audio 2010 T-Vibe Records
26 Hollywood Highlife Party + Moses 11 Audio 1998
27 Hollywood Highlife Party 5 Audio 1978 Philips
28 Agoro Ye De 3 Audio Damfo Domino Productions

Highlife band band formerly known as ‘El Dorados’, later to change their name to ‘Medican Lantcis’ before settling on ‘Sweet Talks’. Started under the joint leadership of Smart Nkansah and A.B. Crentsil as resident band at The Talk Of The Town Hotel in Tema near Accra. It is here they established a name for themselves as one of the most exciting young bands in the country.

Due to the popularity and commercial success of their first three albums – Adam & Eve, Kusum Beat and Spiritual Ghana – the band began touring on a regular basis and made it as far as Los Angeles (1978) where they recorded what was to be their biggest selling record; Party Time In Hollywood.

Smart Nkansah left the band to form the Black Hustlers in 1976, with Eric Agyemang on guitar, vocalist A.B. Crentsil, J.Y. Thorty on drums and Prince Nana Afful on keyboards. Plus horns and percussionists the band was renamed Super Sweet Talks. By 1980, faced with uncertain economic climate in Africa and a declining record industry, they split-up to pursue separate careers.

A.B. Crentsil reformed the band as the Super Sweet Talks International for earthy albums Mewo Road, Adjoa, Moses and Tantie Alaba.

Agyemang was successful, forming his Kokoroko Band for albums Wonko Menko, Highlife Safari and Kona Kohwe, the last with Crentsil and Thomas Frempong (drummer, vocalist who also did highlife hit Aye Yi '85).

Agyeman also sessioned with Crentsil, Atakora Manu, Nana Tuffuor; featured prominently with Crentsil and Frempong on Pete Pete '83 by Highlife Stars One, joining with members of Osibisa to make Ghana's first supergroup.

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