Protest The Hero

Also known as Protest To Hero
Members of Protest The Hero: Arif Mirabdolbaghi, Luke Hoskin, Michael Ieradi, Moe Carlson, Rody Walker, Tim Millar
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Discography of Protest The Hero:

# Release title Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Fortress 10 Audio 2008-01-29 Vagrant Records
2 Fortress 10 Audio 2008-02-02 Vagrant Records
3 Fortress 13 Audio 2008-01-29 Underground Operations
4 Kezia 14 Audio 2005-08-30 Underground Operations
5 A Calculated Use Of Sound 6 Audio 2003-05-01 Underground Operations
6 Kezia 10 Audio 2009-02-03 Underground Operations
7 Scurrilous 10 Audio 2011-03-22 Underground Operations
8 Scurrilous 10 Audio 2011-03-22 Underground Operations
9 Scurrilous 10 Audio 2011-03-22 Underground Operations
10 Scurrilous 11 Audio 2011-03-16 BounDEE, Inc.
11 Scurrilous 10 Audio 2011-03-22 Vagrant Records
12 Fortress 10 Audio 2008 Cobraside Distribution Inc.
13 Fortress 10 Audio 2008-01-29 Vagrant Records
14 A Calculated Use Of Sound 12 Audio 2008-04-23 Imperial Records (13)
15 Gallop Meets The Earth - Live CD/DVD 30 Audio 2009-09-15 Vagrant Records
16 Kezia 24 Audio 2007-03-21 Vagrant Records
17 Fortress 10 Audio 2008 Underground Operations
18 ...Search For The Truth 2 Audio 2002 Underground Operations
19 Fortress 10 Audio 2008 Underground Operations
20 Kezia 10 Audio 2006 Vagrant Records
21 Hair Trigger 2 Audio 2011 Spinefarm Records
22 C'est La Vie 3 Audio 2011 Spinefarm Records
23 Kezia 14 Audio 2008-08-30 Underground Operations
24 Volition 11 Audio 2013-10-29 Razor & Tie
25 Volition 11 Audio 2013-10-29 Razor & Tie
26 Volition 11 Audio 2013-10-29 Not On Label
27 Fortress 13 Audio Vagrant Records
28 Volition 11 Audio 2013-10-29 Razor & Tie
29 Volition 11 Audio 2013-10-29 Spinefarm Records
30 Volition 11 Audio 2013-10-29 Razor & Tie
31 Fortress 10 Audio
32 Kezia Sampler 2 Audio 2006 Vagrant Records
33 Volition 11 Audio 2013-10-29 Not On Label
34 A Calculated Use Of Sound 7 Audio 2003-05-01 Underground Operations
35 Volition 11 Audio 2013-10-29 Razor & Tie
36 Fortress 11 Audio 2008-01-29 Vagrant
37 Kezia 14 Audio 2008 Underground Operations

All the way from Whitby, Ontario comes PROTEST THE HERO, a new face of fast, hard music. The 5-piece band is comprised of Rody Walker (lead vocals), Tim Millar (guitar, vocals), Luke Hoskin (lead guitars, vocals, piano), Moe Carlson (drums), and Arif Mirabdolbaghi (bass guitar, vocals). Their debut US full-length, KEZIA (keh-zai-yah) is due out April 4, 2006 on Vagrant.

Protest The Hero was created when the school friends were just 14-years-old and realized their mutual passion for music. We started this band because we love music - writing it, recording it, playing it, performing it, and improving on it, comments lead singer Rody Walker.

Over the next 5 years the band forfeited weekends and summer vacations to develop their craft and to make a name for themselves on the road. With a sound and style reminiscent of Coheed And Cambria-meets-Every Time I Die, Protest The Hero built up a loyal following of fans that appreciate skilled musicianship clashing head on with artistic passion.

PTH have released two records on Canadian punk rock label Underground Operations, 2001s vinyl 7 Search For The Truth and the 2003 EP, A Calculated Use of Sound. Protest The Hero was awarded Best Indie Metal Band at the 2004 Indie Music Awards during Canadian Music Week in Toronto and has ventured into the spotlight with multiple appearances on MuchMusics The Punk Show, as well as various radio show appearances and performances along with a relentless tour schedule.

It's not an easy life, on the road says Rody, but it's something that every developing band has to do. If you ever want to leave your parents garage, you have to be prepared to break your back and like it.

The day that Protest The Hero finished their final senior high exams, they left on a three-week headlining tour from Toronto to Halifax entitled ‘Cock the Vote’, not only to spread their name, but more importantly to raise voter consciousness for the upcoming Canadian election. The band has played with such acts as Limp Bizkit, Korn, Raised Fist, Bigwig, Choke, Death By Stereo, Alexisonfire, Sum41 and tons of others. They also played the Canadian dates of the Vans Warped Tour.The band's dedication and extreme work ethic is about to be further realized with the debut US release of their first full-length album, Kezia.

Kezia is an intricately executed situationist requiem similar to a concept album in that it tells a story. Kezia embodies all that Protest The Hero was and is, amidst the confounds of a breathtaking tale illustrating the doomed execution of the title character. The story is chronicled in the perspective of three characters: The Prison Priest, The Prison Guard/Gunman, and Kezia herself. Each character is designated a section containing three songs, with a single retrospective finale concluding the album. The three characters represent an aspect of the band-members themselves, resulting in a deeply personal album. The lyrics on Kezia are something deeply personal to all of us. They reflect personal losses, and moral changes within all of us, states Rody Labeling Kezia a concept album is an insult to all of us.

Produced by Julius "Juice" Butty, Kezia melds melody, thrash, metal, passion, enlightenment, anger, politics, punk rock and intensity. Rather than writing songs within their musical boundaries, Protest actually wrote music that they could not play, and then forced themselves to learn how to play it over the last two years.Kezia was a big jump for us, but it was the most honest, natural progression we could have possibly made, says Rody.Initially it was quite difficult to be taken seriously, as we were so young, however we've had few problems of that nature since the release of Kezia.

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