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Father Time

David Liebman, Jamey Aebersold

Release title: David Liebman, Jamey Aebersold - The Scale Syllabus By David Liebman And Jamey Aebersold

Genre is Jazz 
This album was released on the label JA Records (catalog number JA 1241/42)
This album was released in 1982 year. US

All track songs from this album David Liebman, Jamey Aebersold - The Scale Syllabus By David Liebman And Jamey Aebersold You can not listen to (this is not available) here, download mp3 music, individually or the whole album
# Track title Download Type of content Text Track length
A0 Bb Tuning Note ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
A1 Bb Major Warm-Up Exercises ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
A2 Bb Major ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
A3 Bb Lydian ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
A4 Bb Harmonic Major ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
A5 Bb Lydian Augmented ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
A6 Bb Augmented ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
A7 Bb Blues Scale & Major Combined ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
A8 Bb Major Pentatonic ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
B1 Bb Major Turnaround ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
B2 8 Bars Of Each Major Scale ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
B3 Bb7 + 4 Lydian Dominant ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
B4 Bb7 Hindu ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
B5 Bb7 Whole Tone ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
B6 Bb7b9 Diminished ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
B7 Bb7b9 (Dim.) To Eb ⌂ + 4 (Lydian) ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
B8 Bb7 + 9 Diminished Whole Tone ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
B9 Bb7 + 9 To Eb-Dorian Minor ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
C1 (Continued) ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
C2 Bb Blues Scale & Bb7 Combined ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
C3 Bb7 Sus 4 ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
C4 8 Bars Each Dominant 7th Scale ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
C5 Dorian Minor ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
C6 Bb-⌂Melodic Minor (Ascending Version) ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
C7 Bb Blues Scale Played Over Bb Dorian Minor ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
C8 Bb Minor Pentatonic ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
C9 Bb Harmonic Minor ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
C10 Bb Phygian Minor ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
D1 Bb Major Phrygian ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
D2 Bb Diminished ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
D3 Bb Dim. Scale Over Bb Dorian Minor ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
D4 Bb Pure Minor (Natural Minor) ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
D5 Bb 8 Bars Of Each Dorian Minor ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
D6 Bb0 Half Diminished (Locrian) ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
D7 Bb0#2 Half-Diminished #2 (Locrian #2) ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
D8 Bbº7 Dim. Scale To Bb Major ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
D9 12 Bar Bb Blues ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?
D10 II/v7/I Progression, 4 Bar Phrases ↓ mp3 Get lyrics ?

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Father Time

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