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Abominator (2) Hymn To Baphomet lyrics

Dismantling of servitude
Avenge the soul of the world
A world brought to death and enslavement
Pandemonic absolution the result
Strike to become the martyr
Satan brings Baphomet
Representative - the true saviour
Templars give the accolade
To the leveller of falsified plains
Torching away at the world's decay
Spiritual disassociation gleaming in its wake
Set your souls alight with the mind's lightning
Drink of his spirit in every age
Sacrificial Lamb of God
On dreams of lies afloat
Half man half goat
The Supreme Being gloats
Victory Gloriam Excelsi
Tension of black consciousness relieved
Blight the illuminated nomads of the left hand path
Life beacons unforeseen
Lord of this scenario
Manifest through subconscious flames

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