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Abominator (2) Unholy Consecration lyrics

Rise flames of death, let it burn in the veins
Death has made its call, for he we all rise
Bloodlusting hunger attack, restore the ancients pride
Pave the way for sin, feel the wrath within
The holocaust, death is hear
Blackened curse, mortals fear

From the darkest depths, we are from the grave
Emerging we as one, only the brave
Bursting from firestreaks, is the rites of command
Invoking the wrath of hell, and raise Satan's blade
Draw The Blood, make the kill
We must fight in the name of Hell

Onwards we shall reign
The darkness from death's domain
I return from all that I seek
The war is bre for me
Unholy consecration
The blessing for desecration

Riased from depths known, we hear reapers call
Pride from the crypts, heed for your last breath
Lie in your grave, buried and lost forever
Dying your dead, we seize in forever
Your death is here, let's fight to bring 'em hell

Conspiring with unspeakable force
Equalling certain death
Forced on your knees, to hail the incubus within
I'm oblivios to this blasphemy
Keep your blood away from mine

Greed for killing, Feel the pain of death
The fires are scorching, Send 'em forth to hell
Bodies are burning
Now sacrifice

Consumed by all on this path of consecration
The stones cry out, I destroy this holy structure
All life sucked from me, stolen by the shadows
The final cleansing for my iniquities

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