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Black Uhuru Fit You Haffe Fit lyrics

Here they come...

To get a hit you haffe fit
You haffe fit,fit,fit
To get a hit you haffe fit
To hit the chart you haffe smart
You haffe smart,smart, smart (twice)

In the morning as I rise
Put on my tracksuit and exercise
Me wab fe fit, wan fe fit
Me wan fe fit, fit, fit

Walk pon the road me no trouble no one
Me no eat no steak me no eat no ham
Grandma grow me as a vegetarian
Music is may occupation
Go inna de field to dig some yam
Pick some corn, use it mek asham
School pickney come and get it fe nyam
Started to sing oh what a bam bam

Look how me big look hw me strong
Say me must live long
Look how me big look how me strong
Say me a vegetarian

Use my money buy food and place
Nah use my money bout me a free base
Don't want my pants drop off a me waist
Don't want feel high like me outa space
No man nah come cut my throat
Tek my chain and go pop big sport
Him and him woman gone sniff nuff coke
Laugh and tek da fe big joke

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
A1 play Brutal 4:08
A2 play Fit You Haffe Fit 4:23
A3 play Great Train Robbery 5:53
A4 play City Vibes 3:59
A5 play Uptown Girl 3:26
B1 play Conviction Or A Fine 4:33
B2 play Dread In The Mountain 4:04
B3 play Let Us Pray 4:18
B4 play Vision 4:19
B5 play Reggae With You 3:33

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