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Buckshot No Joke (Instrumental) lyrics

(Feat. Buckshot Da B.D.I. Emcee/Boot Camp Clik)

(No Joke is a cover version of "I Ain't No Joke" by Rakim a fuller length version appears on promotional 12")
(No Joke:)

I ain't no joke, plus I got the bright smoke
Try to, cut my throat and I'ma go for broke
First of all I'm lettin motherf... ers know the deal
That if you steal from Buck, you bound to kneel
Now you can call it a loop, and you can get the clearance
But, to me it's interference when I move so what?
If you interfere you get ended here and get ate up
Couldn't hold your weight up, as I
Take hold of your spirit mind body and soul
Buckshot keeps the crowd controlled
So when I look in the crowd, and watch how people wonder, "Damn"
The way I flip my lyrics they don't understand
I'm just an addict addicted to microphones
Maybe it's a habit, uh, I gotta grab it
Even if it's broken I'ma fix that *shit*
Put it together, get in your face and kick that *shit*
Cause you ain't never, heard another MC like B.D.B
Emcee, rockin' double-D and we
Get busy, I'ma strip that throat
Peep it loc, breath control, I ain't no joke

(Funkmaster Flex)
Yaknahmean? Big shot to my man Buckshot
Big shot to Dru Ha, the whole Boot Camp Clik
Big shot to Duck Down, knahmean
Funkmaster Flex, volume two, sixty minutes y'all... fla-vor

I got a question - who remember the Panthers?
Who can get the average man to
Think with a military mind prepare get ready
You bomb first, no time to rehease the verse
Obey your thirst, but this ain't Sprite
Just take a sip of the liquid lyrics, I give all night
Blinded by the daylight sight
Follow my lead, 'cause I'ma lead you right
You heard, I was waitin on the sidelines
Waitin for the guidelines to attack so I can pay you back
Word, you ain't never heard a better superb
MC better than Buck, huh, break a leg good luck
If you think you gettin' past the blast ask the question
How you think Buck last, in the game?
So long, 'cause I was strong from the beginnin of time
When I wrote my first rhyme I was like damn
B.D. let the pen smoke
'Cause I knew bitin it could make you choke
Buck ain't no joke

(Boot Camp Clik:][Follow Me*:)

Just when you thought it was safe
I came back with the double D clan
Waitin for da man Buckshot
Da BDI... general, if I was you I wouldn't try
So many tried so I seen the petty pass by
Listen as I take you on a mission with precision
Like a brown cent went on a hunt
Worldwide searchin for the true ingredients
To make the pi ?? 6
Shorty wanna hound me for a flick
But I got my chips, you gettin' visions of my lips
Dicks swang, it don't mean a thang
'Cause when I was down, you was on the other side of town
Getting done by Starang, when he was in range
Now its gettin' cold, so you actin' kinda strange
Puttin' my time to you broke bitches
Don't do shit but stress me out, now I'm back in my riches
To get my blue print down to my very last dot
Every move every motivation that I need
Ain't no hesitation when it comes to rockin' when we speak
Just follow my lead on this jou-rney

You never heard another MC like me
Follow my lead on the jour-ney
You never heard another MC like me

Follow my lead on the journey
You never heard another MC like me
So poetically on point its ridiculous
Hittin every key bassline when I'm rippin this
Don't act like this ain't the shit right now
You know my hits make you wanna dance
But you still sittin' down
Dumb fucks have a seat and keep your tongue in your throat
And don't bother to quote one note
Or in the mirror you kickin the verse to mine
'Cause in the freestyle, you'll be the last to rhyme
This ain't the battle between the two best no more
Survival of the fittest... this shit is war
If you got your eyes open, you can see the light
If you need a guide, follow wit pride... right

So many people took my lyrics and hooks
If I wrote a book about you crook niggas gettin' shook
In a hot second, I'm a get the hot-steppin
On first, when I'm on my verse, niggas need a nurse
Witout the kill patient, ain't no hesitation
Bring your weapon like your military mind
And steppin on E, times over for you MC's
All hail to G-O-D's, G-O-D's...

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