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Cenotaph The Solitudes lyrics

Beneath the rain of soul pain water
With sky tears on my face and alone
I'm still in sorrow for the aggression
Of the night soul.

Beneath the rain of soul pain
Where the cross of sanity sleeps
In the dreams of unholy atrocity

Resting into my dark reflections
My words are flames of fire
(Burning the wind)
My laments are screams of the sky
(Songs of the storm)

Against the blind resurrection of reality, I fight
Where all shining loves are scream of hate
With the flames of rage running trough my veins
And with fire in my tongue
I kiss the beauty loneliness

This aggressive and extreme dark night
Is reflecting in my eyes
And with the rain I burn the water of life

I wait for the cosmic whispers
Beyond the infinite heart of nothingness

Sanity sleeps into atrocity
And create out the dreams of unholy atrocity
The hideous nightmares of a beauty splendor from spirit
Here is the body of sorrow structured by stars.

The cross is watching the moon with my eyes
With my herat was created this torment hate
With my soul sorrow...
The sky rain in tears upon my face
And I rest in this dark trance
Where the sanity sleeps in the atrocity

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