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Gorillaz Punk lyrics

Said to myself I'll go up
Makeup for myself, I'll never.
Always thought a fire starter.
Then everybody tell you shut up.

Back to this town,
doing what you can.
Bound to be gone,
Damn I'm a loser.
Damn it but I'll never give up.
But everybody said to "Shut up".


Damned she might care to love up.
Then say she'll never get up.
Everybody said to shoot up.
Last time I tell them word up.

Down in the sun,
I did what I was told.
Did it to my self,
Did it to my self.
And don't expect anything else.
Cause everybody tell me "Shut up".

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1 play Re-Hash 3:40
2 play 5/4 2:42
3 play Tomorrow Comes Today 3:14
4 play New Genious (Brother) 3:59
5 play Clint Eastwood 5:43
6 play Man Research (Clapper) 4:32
7 play Punk 1:38
8 play Sound Check (Gravity) 4:42
9 play Double Bass 4:46
10 play Rock The House 4:11
11 play 19-2000 3:29
12 play Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo) 3:38
13 play Starshine 3:33
14 play Slow Country 3:37
15.1 play M1 A1 3:57
15.2 play Clint Eastwood (Ed Case Re-Fix) 4:28

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