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Jeannie C. Riley Satan Place lyrics

We saw a sign Welcome Satan Place when we moved to town that day
And rows of little white homes that looked like castles all along the way
But after livin' there a while we found it wasn't what we thought at all
They had a private little scandal goin' on behind each castle wall
There was a Town Council meetin' on the day the story come to pass
Someone said Mrs Brown we think your little girl is livin' way too fast
She's been datin' older boys and stayin' out much later than she should
And there's been quite a lotta talk about it goin' round the neighborhood
Well Mrs Brown said since you brought it up I think I'll tell you what I saw
The day your daughter Ellie and the judge's son went swimmin' in the raw
Is that supposed to be a party what you call learnin' social grace
'Cause if it is I think your people are in trouble here in Satan Place
I heard your neighbor's daughter Betty spent the summer in another town
They say she gained a little weight before she left but now she's trimmed back down
And now I wonder why the banker's son won't even look her in the face
We used to see 'em both together everywhere they went in Satan Place
They say the Mayor's daughter got another speedin' ticket just last week
They didn't charge for drunken drivin' even though she couldn't hardly speak
I heard she brags about the way her daddy gets free liquor by the case
From all those bootleggin' friends who make a killin' here in Satan Place
When Mrs Brown had finished talkin' no one dared to make a single sound
Until the chairman of the meetin' rapped his gavel and looked around
And as his eyes swept across the room at guilty looks on every face
He said that wraps up this meetin' of the Council of Satan Place
He said that wraps up this meetin' of the Council of Satan Place

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
A1 play Harper Valley P.T.A. 3:12
A2 play Widow Jones 2:42
A3 play No Brass Band 2:25
A4 play Mr. Harper 2:07
A5 play Run Jeannie Run 3:22
A6 play Shed Me No Tears 2:20
B1 play The Cotton Patch 3:40
B2 play Sippin' Shirley Thompson 2:02
B3 play The Little Brown Square 2:10
B4 play The Ballad Of Louise 2:51
B5 play Satan Place 3:20

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