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Lacuna Coil Aeon lyrics

There is something in your eyes
Flowing them over
Stealing all the harmony which lives in me

Your hands are covering
My tears
Oh, why

There's a sort of inner dance
Trying to seduce me
Feeling this anomaly which takes me

Your touch
You're here
Your heart

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1 play Swamped 4:00
2 play Heaven's A Lie 4:46
3 play Daylight Dancer 3:50
4 play Humane 4:12
5 play Self Deception 3:31
6 play Aeon 1:55
7 play Tight Rope 4:14
8 play The Ghost Woman And The Hunter 4:10
9 play Unspoken 3:36
10 play Entwined 4:00
11 play The Prophet Said 4:33
12 play Angel's Punishment 3:56
13 play Comalies 4:59
Video play The Making Of Coma Lies ?

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