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Samiam Simple Solution lyrics

Circles around you
They're like walls
You're safely grounded in the center
You don't need to look outside
You couldn't if you tried

Time goes by lie after lie
The walls are growing larger
You're getting smaller

Isolated it's too comfortable to leave
In your circle spinning round and round
You've locked yourself inside

You keep spinning round and round
Turn yourself inside out

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1 play Clean ?
2 play Slumbering ?
3 play Viewpoint ?
4 play Someone's Gotta Lose ?
5 play Lack Of Reason ?
6 play Tell Me A Story ?
7 play Sky Flying By ?
8 play Cakewalk ?
9 play Great ?
10 play Simple Solution ?
11 play Milkbone ?
12 play For Sale ?
13 play Whole ?
14 play Louie ?
15 play Ed Says ?
16 play Friend ?
17 play Where D'ya Go? ?

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