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Shannon Noll The Way That I Feel lyrics

I'm sitting on a train bound for nowhere
Just trying to survive i'm thinking about the love i hold inside me
Its keeping me alive
Wishing i could change it all
Praying, but i can't go back in time
No wonder, no matter what i say or what i do will ever change your mind

I'm looking forward now i'm trying to find my way
I'm looking back and i see only yesterday
Cos time is my friend, isn't always real
Can't help singing about the way that i feel

Laying on a deck chair in the sun
Just trying to catch some rays
Thinking about this thing that they call love
To me it's just a maze
Is it in the trees, the breeze
Or do you see it in a new borns eyes
Or is it when you find the one thats made for you
There'll never be no goodbyes


And i know that you love me, yeah
One thing i know was true
In the end i just couldn't see
What was meant for me

I listen to the whisper on the wind
Now i recognise the sound
I'm looking down, deep down, deep inside my heart
And i see i'm glory bound
Oh yeah


Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
play That's What I'm Talking About ?
1-01 play Drive 4:00
1-02 play New Beginning 4:01
1-03 play What About Me 3:21
1-04 play Burn 3:40
1-05 play Sittin' Pretty 3:41
1-06 play Learn To Fly 4:13
1-07 play Promises 3:45
1-08 play Turn In 3:44
1-09 play Prove 3:58
1-10 play Wise 3:40
1-11 play The Way She Loved Me 3:21
1-12 play The Way That I Feel 3:29
play Angels Brought Me Here ?
2-01 play Angels Brought Me Here 4:01
2-02 play With Or Without You (Live From Australian Idol: Up Close & Personal) 2:28

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