Monster Zoku Onsomb!

Also known as MZO, MZO!
Members of Monster Zoku Onsomb!: Fluff Daddy, Kiki.ILL, Miss P.Leisure, Sharkie Bubba, Victor Rijken
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Discography of Monster Zoku Onsomb!:

# Release title Dwnld Total tracks Type of release is Imprint date Label
1 Untitled ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 4 Audio 2004-11-00 Death$ucker Records
2 Monster Zoku Onsomb! ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 8 Audio 2004 Rat's Milk Records
3 Attack! ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 21 Audio 2006 Rat's Milk Records
4 Earth Eaters ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 15 Audio 2008-09-27
5 Coldrock / Thai Angle ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 2 Audio 2008-02-01 Random Audio Records
6 The New Cocksucker Blues Hardcore '92 Remix (Feat. Snog) ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 2 Audio 2014-03-05 Monster Zoku Onsomb!
7 KRAKA BOOM! .. Dumb In The Face Of Doom. ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 19 Audio 2014-06-16 Not On Label
8 KRAKA BOOM! .. Dumb In The Face Of Doom. ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 19 Audio 2014-06-16 Not On Label
9 KRAKA BOOM! .. Dumb In The Face Of Doom ↓ mp3 ↓ zip 10 Audio 2014-09-02 Monster Zoku Onsomb!

Biography of Monster Zoku Onsomb!

From the cultural swamps of Australia’s most gleaming citadel, crawl Monster Zoku Onsomb! An ensemble who have forged their own sound from the shattered pieces of kitsch retrodelica and contemporary bass culture. MZO! have no real contemporaries in Australia to which they can be compared, and they deserve more than a string of genre comparisons. They are a live fiesta! Injecting every venue that can hold them, and any crowd that can take them with instant and infectious energy.

In 2004 MZO! was formed from 3 different entities – [a162781] (a producer responsible for some of Australia’s most inventive and out there electronic music), [a495672] (a female noise performance duo renowned for outrageous live performances), and [a2943900] (a DJ and promoter whose kooky selections ranged from the strangest soundtracks, 60’s surf / strip music to industrial beats).

As separate entities they were well known to Brisbane electronic party goers as being the city's leading electronic practitioners. Together they were unstoppable! Lashing the audience with sprays of noise, bass, sparks and fake blood, they formulated a special style of live performance that combined programed sounds, dancing, synchronised visuals and live instruments that made their shows an instant success. Late in 2004 the 5 person ensemble combined their powers to produce their first E.P – [r669147]. The E.P. was almost all composed from .50 cent bargain bin record samples and it laid out a unique sound that combined kitsch psychobilly rhythms with rave and grime sensibilities. It was a sell out success in Australia, and it even found its way to the UK where [l8236] discovered it and pressed the first [r349311] 12” E.P. It was another sell out pressing and was played by DJs the world over, including Radio One presenter Mary Anne Hobbs proclaiming it her ‘record of the week’ on the BBC’s Breezeblock radio show.

Following on from the success of the E.P., MZO! made their first tour of Europe, and from the UK, to Russia MZO! building a formidable reputation as being party starters and a live powerhouse of crazy performance and music. 2004 also saw Kunt leave MZO! to concentrate on their own productions. From those accidental beginnings MZO! went on to produce their debut album – “Attack”. Attack went onto solidify their reputation for idiosyncratic sounds and manic cut up sample and vocal styles. For the first time MZO! integrated Miss P Leisure’s vocals into the mix and began indoctrinating their fans with their anthems “Eat Brains” and “Day They Came Back”. They embarked on another tour of Europe, to promote the album and a [r779203] 12” E.P. on Death$ucker Records. They moved from playing small clubs to larger renowned club nights and festivals such as Bangface in London, Bashout in Bristol and the Elevate Festival in Austria.

MZO! turned over another leaf in 2008 with the release of their third and most diverse album yet - [r1476964]. Earth Eaters sees the band forging a new sound and finding new ways to expand on their sampledelic roots. Co-Released on [l67906] & [l8682], Russia's two most diverse labels. Acid Samovar being Russia's breakcore ambassadors; and Solnze, the label behind [a76682] and Russia's fertile neo-exotica scene. Earth Eaters breaks new ground with its pop experiments such as Children of the Atom, Scathing Beauty and Suicide Sine Wave, while it maintains its rave-up bass attacks on tracks like Matterhorn Stabs & Raggiddim. MZO! have moved Miss P to the microphone full time and she has extended her lyricism from human’s parasitic practices, and criticising the beauty image, to inter planetary communions. While the album is a dense experimental collage which is hard to describe, it exudes a party vibe that is impossible to deny.

In 2009 MZO! hit the road in "3D Mode" and toured the vinyl release of the [r2146561] album on Death$ucker Records. This year also heard the Earth Eaters remix album. It featured over 20 remixes by artists from all over the globe including [a16577] (UK), [a35476] (USA), and [a3887] (AUST).

2011 saw the release of the Nam Shub of Enki's 5th solo album [r2980123] on Berlin label [l34557]. And a new project was born ... the Hi Freqs are 3 of the MZO! exploring a more sinister and occult theme. Hi Freqs performed at the Glade Festival in the UK and signed the deal to release the [r4197775] on vinyl on Australia's [l209703].

2012 finds MZO! in the studio finishing off their 4th record and preparing to head to the UK to perform at BANG FACE WEEKENDER with Aphex Twin and Die Antwoord.... plus just about every other awesome electronic music act on the planet ;)

MZO! will see YOU in the moshpit.

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