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K 9 Corp, Pretty C, George Clinton Dog Talk lyrics

My dog.
What's Happenin' Dog?
Yeah, it's good to see you too.
Yeah, everyone's up and
On their way over here.
They'll be kickin' it, we'll be kickin' it
This afternoon.
Yeah, gonna be a first time
We all got together.
Oh yeah, I'm feelin' good, yeah
Yeah bringin' some of that stash they
Got in the back.
I dug up a bone plus a few of those
Nickle doggie bags we used to bury.
Told you they'd come in handy.
Yeah, why not? It's my idea we got into
Discussion and put it on tape.
You see, they taught me how to work this
Here recorder.
And they don't know we talk.
They don't know we discuss this shit.
And they ain't never heard none of us talk.
My dog. C'mon in here, my dog.
What's happenin'?
Hey, get vour ass on in here.
Yeah, we gonna tell these stories and put
'Em on this tape.
Now, nobody ain't gonna believe this shit.
Kick back and watch that shit.
You fucked up; you high.
I mean, why not?
Those mutha-fuckers got us runnin' 'round
Here chasin metal rabbits at dog tracks and
Then placin' bets and fadin' 'em.
Makin' us do stupid animal tricks
'Bout time we sic them on some shit.
Life is cool here in this canaine
County kennel
With all incidentals paid up front, it's cool.

Yeah, y'all come in here, come on in.
And what you doin' with that silly muzzle on?
Hey, somebody take that muzzle off that
Bitch so I can kiss her.
What's happenin' baby?
Damn, they gave you a funny haircut.
You ain't no muthafuckin' poodle
Get your ass, on in here.
I wasn't you know what.
I'm doin', yeah.
Yeah, I might just do that shit
But you spaded bitch, what's happenin'?

Yeah, we all here kickin' back, yeah.
Here, hit some of this here shit.
Don't act like you don't know what it is.
You's a dope dog; you's a police dog.
Don't tell me they didn't train youin this shit.
How the fuck you gonna follow a trail if you
Don't sniff some of this shit?
It ain't just a scent, goddamn, you gotta get
Some of this shit up your nose.

Come get your ass over here, man.
Now this tape is pretty short so we might
Have to talk this dog shit fast.
What's happenin' my dog? Yeah
Yeah, I got a nickel bag, a doggie bag,
Been defleaded, been deticked and I got
My rabies shot.
I'm ready to bury a bone in this muthafucker.
Hey, this is the tale that wagged the dog.
Yeah, I wanna know why the muthafuckers,
When they say "dog," it sounds like
There's somethin' wrong with that shit,
You know and when they say "Bitch." Bitch.
But they always do a lot of silly shit.
But I got a little the other day.
Took some of that
Muthafuckin' shaving creme.
Put it around my mouth,
Struck my Kujo pose next to the baby.
Scared the shit outta that mutha-fucker
Almost bust my side in
Fuck them mutha-fuckers
Well, I got nothin' to worry about.
Kids'll fuck them up if they try to
Do somethin' to me.
But you know you gotta get a little even
Every now and then.
What? What would I do if I kicked?
Why you ask a silly ass question like that?
Oh yeah, you done start gettin' high now;
Now you like talkin', don't you?
What would you do if I catch, catch the cat,
That mutha-fucker?

Roof was on top of the house
Roof was on top of your mouth
Roof, my dog, what's happenin'?
Yeah, gone outta tape,
We gotta do this again.
Put me on another track.

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
A play_arrow Dog Talk 9:35
B play_arrow Man's Best Friend (Instrumental) 6:38
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