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Pearl Jam Grievance lyrics

Have a drink they're buying
Bottom of bottle of denial

Big guy, big eye watching me
Have to wonder what it sees, sin
Progress laced with ramifications
Freedom's big blur, oh

Pull the innocent from a crowd
Raise those sticks them bring them down
If they fail to obey
Ah, if they fail to obey, yeah, yeah

For every tool they lend us
A loss of independence

I pledge my grievance to the flag
'Cause you don't give blood then take it back again
Oh, we're all deserving something more

Progress taste it, invest it all
Champagne breakfast for everyone

Break the innocent when they're proud
Raise those stakes then bring 'em down
If they fail to obey
Oh, if they fail to obey

Pledge your grievance to the flag
'Cause don't give blood then take it back again
Oh, we're all deserving something more

Have a, have a drink, drink

I want to breathe part of the scene
I want to taste everyone I see
I want to run when I'm up high
I want to run to the sea
I want to life to be
I just want to be
I will feel alive as long as I am free

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1-2 play Corduroy ?
1-3 play Breakerfall ?
1-4 play MFC ?
1-5 play Grievance ?
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1-8 play Nothing As It Seems ?
1-9 play Even Flow ?
1-10 play Not For You ?
1-11 play Wishlist ?
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1-14 play RVM ?
1-15 play Timeless Melody ?
2-1 play Alive ?
2-2 play Daughter ?
2-3 play Do The Evolution ?
2-4 play Once ?
2-5 play Small Town ?
2-6 play Go ?
2-7 play State Of Love And Trust ?
2-8 play Light Years ?
2-9 play Black ?
2-10 play Last Kiss ?
2-11 play Fuckin Up ?
2-12 play Yellow Ledbetter ?

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