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Pearl Jam Last Exit lyrics

Lives opened and trashed,
Look, Ma, watch me crash,
No time to question.
Why'd nothing last?
Grasp and hold on,
We're dying fast.
Soon be over and I will relent.

Let the ocean swell, dissolve 'way my past.
Three days and maybe longer,
Won't even know I've left.

Under your tongue, I'm like a tab,
I will give you what you're not supposed to have.
Under my breath, I swear by sin, for better or worse,
A best we began.

Let the sun climb, oh, burn 'way my mask.
Three days and maybe longer.
Shed my skin at last... shed... shed.

Let the sun shine, burn 'way my mask.
Three days and maybe longer,
Won't ever find me here.
Let the ocean dissolve 'way my past.
Four days and not much longer...

Let my spirit pass...
This is, this is...
This is, this is...
This is, this is...
This is, this is... my last exit.

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1-1 play Release 4:49
1-2 play Of The Girl 6:43
1-3 play Sleight Of Hand 4:54
1-4 play Thin Air 3:49
1-5 play Insignificance 4:38
1-6 play Grievance 3:17
1-7 play Corduroy 5:22
1-8 play Animal 2:58
1-9 play Hail Hail 3:26
1-10 play State Of Love And Trust 3:49
1-11 play Evacuation 3:07
1-12 play Daughter 7:31
1-13 play Jeremy 6:07
1-14 play I Got Shit 4:32
1-15 play Light Years 5:14
1-16 play Leatherman 2:29
2-1 play In Hiding 5:56
2-2 play Off He Goes 6:09
2-3 play Dissident 4:54
2-4 play MFC 2:28
2-5 play Habit 4:09
2-6 play Alive 5:27
2-7 play Encore Break 3:20
2-8 play Smile 4:30
2-9 play Immortality 6:54
2-10 play Black 7:44
2-11 play Leaving Here 3:00
2-12 play Soldier Of Love 2:54
2-13 play Last Exit 4:26
2-14 play Soon Forget 2:24
2-15 play Yellow Ledbetter 8:01

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