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Pearl Jam Sad lyrics

All the photographs are peeling
And colors turned to gray, he stayed
In his room with memories for days, he faced
An undertow of futures laid to waste, embraced
By the loss of one he could not replace

And there's no reason that she passed
And there is no god with a plan, it's sad
And his holiness is proof, it's sad
He could only love you, it's sad

The door swings to a passing fable
A fate we may delay, we say
Holding on, to live within our embrace
Eleven nights he laid in bed
Hoping that dreams will bring her back, it's sad
And his loneliness is proof, it's sad
He could only love you, it's sad

Holding his last breath, believing
He'll make his way
But she's not forgotten
He's haunted
He's searching for escape

If just one wish could bring her back, it's sent
And his holiness is proof, it's sad
He will always love you, it's sad

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1 play Do The Evolution 3:56
2 play Hail Hail 3:39
3 play Life Wasted 3:39
4 play World Wide Suicide 4:24
5 play Corduroy 4:26
6 play Unemployable 3:00
7 play Dissident 3:28
8 play Small Town 4:54
9 play Even Flow 8:05
10 play Army Reserve 3:37
11 play Sad 3:30
12 play Whipping 2:24
13 play Not For You 5:54
14 play Present Tense 5:43
15 play Down 3:04
16 play Comatose 2:18
17 play Porch 8:37
18 play Encore Break 1 1:50
19 play Low Light 3:22
20 play Come Back 5:42
21 play Daughter 6:59
22 play Alive 6:38
23 play Encore Break 2 1:40
24 play Blood 3:03
25 play Baba O'Riley 4:43
26 play Indifference 4:46

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