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Pearl Jam Soon Forget lyrics

Sorry is the fool who trades his soul for a Corvette
Thinks he'll get the girl he'll only get the mechanic
What's missing?
He's living a day he'll soon forget

That's one more time around, the sun is going down
The moon is out but he's drunk and shouting
Putting people down, he's pissing
He's living a day he'll soon forget

Counts his money every morning
The only thing that keeps him horny
Locked in a giant house that's alarming
The townsfolk they all laugh

Sorry is the fool who trades his love for high rise rent
Seem the more you make equals the loneliness you get
And it's fitting
He's barely living a day he'll soon forget

That's one more time around and there is not a sound
He's lying dead clutching Benjamins
Never put the money down, he's stiffening
We're all whistling a man we'll soon forget

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
play Side A ?
1-01 play Release 4:49
1-02 play Of The Girl 6:43
1-03 play Sleight Of Hand 4:54
1-04 play Thin Air 3:49
1-05 play Insignificance 4:38
1-06 play Grievance 3:17
1-07 play Corduroy 5:22
1-08 play Animal 2:58
1-09 play Hail Hail 3:26
1-10 play State Of Love And Trust 3:49
1-11 play Evacuation 3:07
1-12 play Daughter 7:31
1-13 play Jeremy 6:07
1-14 play I Got Shit 4:32
1-15 play Light Years 5:14
1-16 play Leatherman 2:29
play Side B ?
2-01 play In Hiding 5:56
2-02 play Off He Goes 6:09
2-03 play Dissident 4:54
2-04 play MFC 2:28
2-05 play Habit 4:09
2-06 play Alive 5:27
2-07 play Encore Break 3:20
2-08 play Smile 4:30
2-09 play Immortality 6:54
2-10 play Black 7:44
2-11 play Leaving Here 3:00
2-12 play Soldier Of Love 2:54
2-13 play Last Exit 4:26
2-14 play Soon Forget 2:24
2-15 play Yellow Ledbetter 8:01

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