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Shannon Noll New Beginning lyrics

If I'd have known what you would say
I'd have turned and walked away
Can't hold the tears back though I try
'Cause there's nothing quite as sad as goodbye

Don't wanna think about tomorrow
You won't be here by my side
All of a sudden I feel hollow
There's nothing quite as sad as goodbye

So I'm alone again
Tryin' to find a ticket to the next train, to the next train
I'm on my own again, waiting in line
For a new, new beginning
New beginning

I know that we are better off
Still I feel that I've lost
When I look into your eyes
There's nothing quite as sad as goodbye

Back when I once started, try my luck again
Now I've got my heart set on a better day, yeah
Who's to say what's waiting just around the bend
Can't do more than hope and pray for a happy end

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1 play Drive ?
2 play New Beginning ?
3 play What About Me ?
4 play Burn ?
5 play Sittin' Pretty ?
6 play Learn To Fly ?
7 play Promises ?
8 play Turn In ?
9 play Prove ?
10 play Wise ?
11 play The Way She Loved Me ?
12 play The Way That I Feel ?

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